Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Anime vs. Game (Goku Fights Vegeta)

How true to the anime is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on PS4, Xbox One, and PC? We’ve lined up scenes from the anime that we think match the best. Some scenes from the game are more accurate to the manga than the anime, so they will occasionally differ.

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  1. Marco Viglioglia says:

    Per me vince dragon ball kakarot

  2. Izzu D says:

    Damn censorship…

  3. Rafael Azevedo says:

    Faz horas que dragon ball deveria ter abandonado essa linha mangá e passado a ser desenhado no traço anine.

  4. Matias Cifuentes says:

    Everything was fine, until the part where Vegeta cut off Gohan's tail, the clothes are supposed to be broken when he became a great ape, right?

  5. Nightfor Games says:

    Quiero ver de nuevo como le explota el saibaman a yamcha

  6. Yosif Samir says:

    Anime is better

  7. KC HUNG says:

    dbz is the best anime ever

  8. DragonTimeFox Z says:

    I think the Gohan great ape part was actually like synched with the DBZ KAI Scene Idk

  9. Raul Jaime says:

    Are fanboys raging yet because they don't get to see Gohan's tight little bare ass in the game? Because it's inaccurate?

  10. Nahida Fama says:

    Dragon Ballz:Kakarot looks much better.

  11. lisao10 says:

    Perfect but no blood?? Oh come on

  12. f8802127 says:


  13. Giuseppe Angelino says:

    Non DB fans "Gohan ass was missing, this game is a crap"

  14. JustSaiyan says:

    1:50 Black Krillin?

  15. ULTra Gamer says:

    Wheres goku kaioken x3 vs vegeta scene?

  16. Monkiki says:

    Ppppppppppprrruuuuuuuuu! Muerome

  17. Bendie Sticks says:

    U can tell how censorship messes stuff up no matter how good it is here. Game will be played by more adults than kids and kids in 90’s could watch toons with bit of blood and be ok. Vegeta had fangs in one and not other and just some of the scenes are iconic and should have be bit more true I wish but this game I already bought deluxe box lol 😎🥃

  18. sylent19851 says:

    Prefer anime version.

  19. Tyreess gamer says:

    Yo they had this perfectly timed

  20. kakashi gamer says:


  21. Armando Vega says:

    “Whose face is ugly!”

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