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Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition, is a ranged intelligence hero who is usually played as a support. Though frail, this icy elemental caster possesses strong semi-spammable spells and a painful global ultimate. Cold Feet harms enemies and will also stun them unless they move away from the cast area, making the spell dangerous when used in conjunction with disables from allies. Ice Vortex is a low-cooldown zoning ability, applying a heavy slow and magic damage amplification to nearby enemies. This combines effectively with Chilling Touch, which endows Kaldr with enhanced magic damage from great range. His ultimate Ice Blast is one of the game’s most devastating spells, with a global range and a radius that increases the further the blast travels. All enemies struck by it endure hefty damage, are temporarily prevented from healing or regenerating, and instantly perish if their health falls too low. Ancient Apparition can be devastating in team fights, and makes an excellent counter to heroes who rely on healing and regeneration.

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  1. LuXcSuS says:

    47:04 Balta noob


    Crazy not watching full game ain't phony losing winning nice one #1 in the world DOTA 1 OMG.

  3. •kurimaw• says:

    Next game windrunner please

  4. Nauka Nauka says:


  5. Jey T says:

    Pudge says come here ogre magi die with me..hahah

  6. Batuhan Orynbasarov says:

    Там просто леорик слабой 52мин толко 3слот даже нет мега баш ее надо сразу бкб мкб все всех убил давно

  7. Sardor Isayev says:

    Go balta

  8. rakhmatullaev says:


  9. RGC Ninja says:

    Come bro on RGC , there is new map -.-

  10. Sponge Bob says:

    What time a best 2kill?

  11. Ever Jay Dee says:

    7:48 cheating

  12. Fu Liang Jie says:

    looking fwd to see an Enchantress gameplay REAL SOON!!!!!!

  13. Джахангир Жолдасов says:

    Next game HUSKAR pls

  14. Sidney Fernando says:

    Baltaa Go With Techies 👑💣💥

  15. Ismaeel Popov says:

    44:10 ржунимагу 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Red Army USSR says:

    DotA allstars version?

  17. mert sarıtaş says:

    Next game nessaj please 🖐️

  18. Едуард Химинець says:

    Yournero is a pro noob.

  19. супер кино says:

    44:09 XDDDDD PUDJ, OGR

  20. Racso Rdk says:

    Mas dotaaa…..

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