Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Winter Wyvern


  1. Carlos Alfredo Calderon Martel says:

    1:56 Y 2:06 uy ese ps no? #Steam #Valve #Dota2 #EliteWolver #IWO LA "GALLINA LOCA" PERO AQUÍ ES DRAGÓN MAMON HUEVON

  2. Wyvern07 says:

    Hey it’s me

  3. Bolastwo says:

    Soo dragon lissandra?

  4. David Fregoli says:


  5. Scorponox93 says:

    Damn, she's pretty

  6. Uri Frid says:

    whats with your mic?

  7. Dan S. says:

    I play LoL, but after watching this… Wow! Dota > LoL

  8. Kenoodle says:

    Phoenix + Winter Wyvern = Jakiro

  9. Lilz.MonkeyBoy says:

    I wanna see him fight Anivia XD

  10. A Lonesome Little Spinoraptor says:

    Ey!! Where my Valhalla Dragon Lovers at!?!?

  11. Marc Gabriel Parrocho says:

    when winter wyvren does cold embrace to phoenix…

  12. Christian Manso says:

    friendly fire is on

  13. Antonio Piczon says:


  14. Jonh Cena says:

    Update now the 1st skill can be stack with skady holy shit valve fix

  15. Name is my name ͡ᴖ ͜ʖ ͡ᴖ says:

    UPDATE: Enemy attacking ally inside ultimate increase their attack speed.

  16. Melissa de Vincenzo says:

    worst hero.
    will never play again. Too bad cause she has M Jackson's voice.

  17. FerdZV12345 says:

    Winter wyverns ult is perfect if there are 5 players near the target

  18. Judex hemloweek says:

    this hero is right to my style! I'm playing support everytime

  19. Ben Baxter says:

    i miss the old winter wyvern , the new one fucking sucks and fucks up a lot of teamfights.

  20. Jenna Zornes says:

    It's a female too lol.

  21. Arrow to The Knee says:

    wow aurelian sol

  22. GeishaTheSerpantClan says:

    Can you hear my evil laugh….. ohhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. Senpai says:

    poor Sven

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