Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Ancient Apparition


  1. FarCritical says:

    2:14 So… MYEH

  2. Alicia Florrick says:

    i love AA

  3. That Martin Guy says:

    Changes to Ancient Apparition have been made since this video was released. This list will contain those changes (not including number changes, since they are very frequent)

    Chilling Touch has been completely reworked. It is now an autocast attack modifier (similar to Drow Ranger's Frost Arrow) that grants you bonus attack range, magic damage and slows the target for 0.5 seconds.

    Aghanim's Scepter: Can now be purchased on the hero. When purchased it will simply increase the duration of ice blast from 8/9/10 to 17 on all levels.

    Remember to like this comment if it helped you, and feel free to ask me any question.

  4. MrUltiblood says:

    take him short lane with pa, learn W and E by lv2, and enjoy having a red carry

  5. Senpai says:

    i killed all 5 of my enemies with AA's ulti

  6. John Paul Acopiado says:

    To all that is saying AA is a Lame,Noob it means you cannot use AA properly..!!

  7. TV TURNT says:

    the fact that most of your audience are little boys, it was pretty inappropriate how you used to say that you loved them. Im glad you gave that a break.

  8. Ben Stafford says:

    That ult is such bs.

  9. Basim El-Hout says:

    What is the current kill health% for Ice blast?

  10. Pewdiepie's Chair says:

    AA at the top lane.
    Looks at the map.
    Realizes there's a team-fight at bottom.
    Has no TP.
    Techies on opposing team, so not going to risk the side shop.
    Uses ulti at bottom lane.

  11. GeneralCane says:

    I think I've literally never seen an Ancient Apparition solo mid.

  12. ethics says:

    This hero should be buffed…
    I mean 70% loss rate?
    He is so squishy and is often focused on and dies all over.
    Cold Feet is useless because no one will stay 3 secs to get stunned.
    Ice Vortex is, as Chilling touch, a good ability.

    Maybe Ice Vortex could deal some damage when walked through?

    When I play or watch a game with AA, I always feel like his ult does no damage at all. But Ice Blast is too op to be buffed.

  13. Quốc Anh Hoàng says:

    poor sven always being the dummy

  14. Protoss Pylon says:

    His first three abilities look pretty lame.  Makes sense though because his ult is so op lol 

  15. Katze, Keith says:


  16. Toshi Brands says:

    is this hero good for beginner's????  because i just started the game, and this hero looks really good.

  17. Imbaseal says:

    "One day, ice will cover these lands, and it will be as if this war never happened." Entropy will inevitably increase to the maximum and nothing but darkness and ice will cover the universe. This will be the outcome, whether you like it or not.

  18. nokturnal UnDosTReS says:


  19. Papa Nurgle says:

    God I love you AA 😉

  20. Kangwan Khottawong says:

    I love your voice

  21. Jack Jagger says:

    No, it's you're. Enriquegg was referring to mrpowerplus' last step, quote "4. walla your ancient apparation" and THAT your needs to be changed to you're.

  22. Maurodax says:

    It's "you're" since mrpowerplus said; "How to be Ancient Apparaition", get your facts straight mister.

  23. Benson Wu says:

    Depends, the OP was pretty unclear. He might have meant you are ancient apparation, in which case egg would have been right.

  24. Momo Hirai says:

    He meant the your in 4. Which is right, it's You're*

  25. Goo________ says:

    That ulti can buttfuck Huskar

  26. Morec0 says:

    This is a WONDERFUL comment!

    What is it Spam?

  27. theflyingporpoise321 says:

    its actually right

  28. Aaron Cseke says:

    Dat comment

  29. Aaron Cseke says:


  30. Kagrenac Dwemer says:

    AH YES FINALLY! Can't believe I made it out of there alive! Only 20% HP any more damage and- Crap…

  31. Pog Champ says:

    Dat ult.

  32. JimmyWolf says:

    Best Hero!

  33. Timothy Saporna says:

    ancient is cool hero

  34. Alexandru Spatariu says:

    i love the music from background

  35. Sean71596 says:

    Pair with Invoker, Zeus, Prophet, and Sprecre for ultimate trolling

  36. Nerangen Pathum says:

    So u ulti someone below 12% HP and they die instantly?

  37. Damoinw says:

    walla your ancient apparation

    walla you are ancient apparation


  38. Vincent Ching says:

    League of Legends – Lissandra = Dota 2 – AA

  39. Shibaboo says:

    one question, as a league player who's getting into DoTA: that number 3 fact he said about the ultimate, is it applyable to everyone inside the ultimate's AoE?

  40. Jack Dior says:

    Because Rubick

  41. TrueDoria says:

    champs in this game so much cooler then lol. Makes me wanna play it

  42. Warren Nikolov says:

    ah i thought it was the other one

  43. ray ly says:

    if you wanna be a Grammar Nazi at least get it right, idiot

  44. zevsch says:

    Hahaha very funny :))

  45. TheKidsOfGrambi says:

    It's your* dumbass

  46. Cem says:

    AA is a copy of AA batteries

  47. Devon S says:

    Finally we have definitive proof;)

  48. namawapaya says:

    tell me why ancient aparition's ultimate is not the best ultimate in the entire game, tell me!??

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