Donald Trump May Return To “The Apprentice” After Presidency Ends

While many people aren’t in a hurry to see the return of Trump’s signature reality show, the good news is there may be life “after” the Trump presidency. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert

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  1. POVgames says:

    lmao he’ll flee the country to avoid taking it in the ass in prison after he loses 2020

  2. Binh Duong says:

    Next show “The Inmate”
    Catchphrase “You’re Guilty!”

  3. ja weh says:

    he should start thinking about the apprentice, courtroom edition.

  4. london von says:

    i prefer to watch colbert on youtube

  5. Move_I_Got_This says:

    Unbelievable how people still vote democrat when they sold us out to health insurance lobbyists! 😤
    They were paid tens of millions to pass Obamacare and then the rates skyrocketed.

  6. ill SpeetzY says:

    did he just eat a cookie from the floor?

  7. unknown President says:

    Republicans will follow their president to hell , ✅

  8. Cody Hoskin says:

    You should be thankful for Trump. If he disappeared, so would your show. lol

  9. Ka'pella Nuwavin says:

    Yeah…after he wins 2020.

  10. BrillWing Major says:

    Stephen, you have been obsessing over President Trump for three years now. Stop.

  11. Anna LA says:

    Enough Trump 😂😂💀

  12. Horst Klausen says:

    Trumpty Dumpty didn‘t build a wall,
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    And all the Rep‘s cronies and all the Rep‘s men
    Couldn‘t put Trumpty together again.

  13. Alejandro Flores says:

    Does trump need a support animal?

  14. Andy Cowley says:

    Why has Ttumps $2m fine for his charity abuse not been covered?…

  15. Shaye Eller says:

    I’ve always found him distasteful and have never watched a single second of The Apprentice, but if the man would just resign I promise to watch his new show. (Or, I mean, turn the TV on, mute it, and go do something in another room.)

  16. Alain Gaudart says:

    Their he is the asskisser to the left and that sidekick idiot in the band ready to smoke Stephen’s meat stick

  17. Goosefukular Death says:

    The only thing funnier than this will be Trump taking office again in 2020 it’s gonna be awesome !

  18. willimacdo says:

    3 jokes in a row that didn't fly? New writers?

  19. Isabel Gason says:

    I need to see the end of the Jeff Sessions monologue; my life is incomplete!

  20. Jason Hude says:


  21. 11O1OO111OOO says:

    4:30 "that's odd

  22. Point Dexter says:

    The only game he'll be playing after being evicted is "Drop the soap, Pork the dope"

  23. Harlowe Kim says:

    "Donald Trump is an avid philanthropist that doesn't gain anything from the presidency"


  24. Kim Morgan says:

    I hope the wardrobe dept of his next show has lots of orange jumpsuits and shower shoes stocked up.

  25. cometsan! says:

    …so america is fake too.

  26. Songs Mirth says:

    Please my fellow Americans read this article. "Beyond Reason: Mental Retardation: An Overview." It's totally Trump. It explains why he doesn't care he is getting hundreds of Kurds slaughtered including children. He doesn't care. He just wanted a new Alpha friend in the psychopath President of Turkey. He likes psychopaths like Putin, Kim, Duterte and others. And when anyone asks him questions that are too complicated for him like Nancy did he starts calling them bad names like a spoiled seven year old bully would. 🙁 Please read it and pass it on to your Senators. Thanks you. Songs

  27. brian williams says:

    The Apprentice will no longer have Your Fired but Your Impeached.

  28. Jacob Delaney says:

    New catchphrase: "I'm fired"

  29. Nelson Gonzalez says:

    Impeach the orange imbecile, throw his tangerine ass in prison and hold the republicans to account for their actions!

  30. jessica M says:

    I can't wait till they impeach Trump so that we can finally have the justification/satisfaction of saying " you're fired!"

  31. co2 hashoil says:

    Trump will winnnnn

  32. co2 hashoil says:


  33. Fred Quintana says:

    Let's get another one.
    Oh, there are no more left.

  34. paul fletcher says:

    Hopefully it will be The Apprentice, Prison House.

  35. Fred Quintana says:

    That was the best metaphor of Sessions I have seen.

    He's broken
    Let's get a fresh one.
    Oh, no, he's coming apart at the seams.

  36. Brand says:

    yeah watch those rating tank

  37. HorseMuse says:

    WE got to get him OUT of the WH! VOTE VOTE VOTE 🌬🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  38. MsLia32 says:

    orange is the new black needed to be rebooted with male characters anyways

  39. randomdoodification says:

    Melonia is the anonymous writer 🤣

  40. Jayson Davis says:

    Serial liar complains that there’s no one he can trust.

    This bitch can’t disappear soon enough

  41. spacekitt3n says:

    Colbert is really soothing to me in these dark days. Thank you for your neverending denial of #45 and everything he does…that criminal is being supported by my taxes and he fails so hard daily

  42. sailtheplains says:

    1:00 Bahahahhaa omg

    3:15 basbhjashahhahaa omg ON FIRE.

    5:32 holy shit, a racist and a child-molester and also racist. SOMEONE #HELPALABAMA

  43. jaseyray93 says:

    I can't wait to watch it as much as I watched the apprentice.. not one f*cking time

  44. teresa horsley says:

    thank you Stephen Colbert and staff for keeping me sane during these difficult times!

  45. Emmi Turunen says:


  46. Cruz Turcott says:

    Seriously?? Mark Burnett should be in jail. Forever. Lock him up.

  47. libra8a says:

    This ass hole cried when Trump won. He should kiss Trumps ass and thank him for the material. He wouldn't have any if Trump lost. Oh, he may go back to The Apprentice in 2024 after his second term.

  48. S4njuro says:

    I forgot how creepy The Shining was….

  49. Nancy Stanton says:

    Drat! Now that he is a Florida resident I was hoping a giant sinkhole opened under Mira Lago and take him and his sorry excuse for a family down to Earth's core. Well, maybe except Tiffany, Barron, and Melania because they have a chance without him. And maybe throw in a few Republican politicians and some MAGA nuts down the sinkhole.

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