Dog Shares Her Thoughts on COPPA – Doggo Probbo

In this video Mocha shares her thoughts on COPPA. 😱 Things are not looking too good for channels who make videos for a General Audience. There is a Petition you can sign in hopes that there will be some changes made. Just click the link below👇🏻

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Dog Shares Her Thoughts on COPPA – Doggo Probbo’s
About Mocha –
Mocha is a Female German Shepherd which is Sable in colour 🐺She loves to learn new tricks and eat sticks + Mosquitos. 😂 She is a very polite pup (sometimes)
About Channel-
We like to make videos about Mocha attempting the Internets newest challenges. Sometimes knocking them out of the park and sometimes just trying her best. ☺️ We also love to make videos that get some of Mocha’s funniest reactions to come out. Along with some “day in the life videos” and “training sessions”
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  1. Mocha the German Shepherd says:

    Are you going to be sad if these changes take place? And if you liked this video check out last weeks video here. 👇🏻

  2. 뭉뭉이MungMung says:


  3. Mark Vo says:

    I’ll be so bummed out if COPPA makes things harder to see Mocha videos

  4. Lucia Nuñez says:

    She looks sooo cute with her glasses 👓🤓🥰

  5. kai de keeshond says:

    So cute

  6. Leonie Mosley says:

    Gorgeous dog

  7. The Predator says:

    Mocha vs coppa
    Mocha eats chimken
    Mocha turns into unlimited mocha
    Coppa doesn’t get effected
    Mocha does puppy eyes
    Coppa take -99 damage
    Mocha does paw
    Coppa has 199 HP now he loses 90- from paw
    Mocha does floppy fish (from tug of war vid)
    Coppa does remove comments
    Mocha does not get affected and uses comment lover potion
    Coppa looses 100- damage now coppa has 99 HP
    Mocha does MEGA PUPPY EYeS
    Coppa loses 99- HP
    Mocha who do you think won?

  8. Martina Dozet says:

    Oh you tell them, Mocha! I've just signed the petition. Mocha is so cool and adorable! ♥️♥️♥️

  9. Lorna Mackenzie says:

    Mocha i hope your channel is not affected by the new rules . I have already signed the petition. Thanks for explaining it to those people who may not have heard or do not understand how it will affect channels. 🐶❤

  10. Dave Larson says:

    I agree 100% Mocha

  11. Rancho The Dog says:

    Mocha you looked so sexy in those glasses! I think Rancho is falling in love with you 💛 He'll be there every Friday waiting for your video! We've signed the petition 🙂

  12. Funny Pets Tv says:

    Chimkin solves my problems 🤣 #mood

  13. Funny Pets Tv says:

    Mocha looks so smart lol 🤓

  14. Peter Harper says:

    Thanks for sharing your reports Mocha, you really are a friend.

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