Does it make sense to buy a Pixel C in 2019???


  1. Hired Gunz says:

    I bought 2 of these on eBay. The 64gb were $140 each plus a square trade insurance. I'm happy with the performance. It's better than those Chinese tablets for sure.

  2. MAZINGER Z says:

    I rather buy a first generation Galaxy Tab S 10.5 than this pixel C tablet.

  3. MAZINGER Z says:

    I only buy android devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chips…they are simply the best.

  4. Baz says:

    How does this tablet cope with COD Mobile?

  5. NEONELECTRO9424 says:

    I bought this tablet 1 week ago, I'm from Mexico I had to move mountains to get it, but it was totally worth it … it's wonderful! is Google in full potential how it had never been seen on a tablet so complete. Now the Pixel C its my treasure Although I would have sincerely liked that Google did not forget it, both manufacturing and updating the tablet … It is still a beauty I hope that one day Android 9 or 10 arrives on the tablet.

  6. Sean Absher says:

    Pixel C has a tegrra X1, not K1. Not to be that guy, but just to clarify in case anyone doesn't already know. it's got Maxwell GPU cores, not Kepler cores.

  7. Nikesh Gandhi says:

    I had the Pixel C for almost a year, and it had the best display I've ever seen on a tablet, too bad Android was never fully developed for such devices. Sold it just before EoL a few months ago, I didn't want to risk experiencing the screen death fault!

  8. Phú Toàn Phạm says:

    Can you use a stylus pen with this tablet ?

  9. Peter Hamilton says:

    I'd wanted a Pixel C for a couple of years now. Coming from a Nexus 9, the price is what held me back, but like you I got one at a good price on eBay, and I'm super-happy with mine.

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