DIY Coconut Mocha Sugar Scrub!!!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for watching my video! OMG, this scrub is soooo nice! If you don’t have fragrance oils or essential oils, you can just use more jojoba or grapeseed oil. The coffee will fragrance the scrub alone, so you might be able to leave the coffee fragrance out and use more coconut or chocolate. Let me know in the comments if you try it yourself.

Tools and Ingredients:
Scale–I got mine on Amazon. Look for one with a range of 0.05g to at least 200g.
257g container–I reused one I already had. A large body butter container works well!
Plastic Pipets–I got them on Amazon.
Polawax–Amazon or Lotion Crafter
Cocoa Butter–Amazon or Lotion Crafter
Grapeseed oil–any local grocery store
Jojoba Oil–Amazon or Lotion Crafter
Cetyl Alcohol–Amazon or Lotion Crafter
Granulated Sugar–local grocery
Ground coffee–local grocery
Optiphen–Amazon or Lotion Crafter
Chocolate Fragrance oil–Wellington Fragrance
Coconut Fragrance Oil–Wellington Fragrance
Coffee Fragrance Oil–P&J Trading

Heated Phase:
12.85g//5% Polawax
12.85g//5% Cocoa Butter
33g//12.85% grapeseed oil
40.22g//15.65% jojoba oil
25.7g//10% cetyl alcohol

In a hot water bath, melt all waxes and butters thoroughly. Allow mixture to cool to a yogurt consistency before the next step.

Cool Down:
102.8g//40% granulated sugar
25.7g//10% ground coffee
1.29g//0.5% optiphen
1% Fragrance or essential oils
0.9g Chocolate fragrance oil
0.38g Coffee fragrance oil
1.29g Coconut fragrance oil

Add 1 ingredient at a time and mix with an immersion blender between each ingredient. Put all contents into your container. Enjoy!

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This video is not sponsored. Please take mine and any DIY recipe on the interwebs with a grain of salt. Every recipe doesn’t work for everyone. If this one doesn’t work for you, there are so many more, so try try again. XOXOXO-Shelby


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  1. S L says:

    This would make a really nice Christmas 🎁 gift.
    It’s interesting to see the ingredients that go into your DIYs. 😊

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