DIY Anbu Paper Mask Tutorial part 2


  1. 宇髄天元 says:


  2. Larissa de Souza Rolim says:


  3. sorpassoincurva _ says:


  4. LEGASY_ GAMING says:

    Sini gw beli 5k

  5. まっちゃ says:


  6. BAD girl says:

    I want a buy

  7. Kasha M. says:

    I want it!

  8. SARAH Al says:

    After two vids how to make it, it's brok after first fight ☻

  9. B Rhapsody says:

    The song at the BACKGROUND thou 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I could picture all the leaf Shinobis on attack mode

  10. toga himiko says:

    I had a childhood drawing mask i wanted to make that looked almost like this!

  11. Nay Ichimaru says:

    Muito muito MUITO linda…. pode colocar um tipo de tecido preto transparente pra esconder os olhos….ficou linda a melhor q vi aqui no YouTube

  12. Midnight Sky says:

    y’@ll shut it stop arguing about what mask this is from.just rate the mask
    and you made the mask very very interesting and cool

  13. Edwin Juat says:

    what kind of paint did you use??

  14. ANASS BEN BRAHIM says:

    Gooooood 👍👍👍

  15. Jerson Quiambao says:

    I'm sure you have so many mask

  16. Jae Ar • 2 years ago says:

    The title indicates 'anbu' so it's from naruto

  17. Renan John Pineda says:


  18. Trevor Wilson says:

    Anbu black ops. My wife and I got the anbu tattoos for our first year anniversary.

  19. Joel esneider Silva murcia says:

    es un pro para hacer mascaras

  20. Gustavo Oliveira says:

    Love you masc

  21. Guidaツ says:

    I never knew this was in fortnite… or never rly thought of this as anime.
    I just see it as something japanese loll

  22. Nightshade Kelly says:

    That is one gorgeous mask

  23. Fynn Dasbach says:

    Damn nice

  24. Plfox970 says:

    Were buy wood head

  25. Wxw_ Sam says:

    Made this, went to school with it, legit 90% of the school “OH COOL ITS THE FORTNITE DRIFT MASK”

  26. james bearden says:

    can you make d.c cheshire mask

  27. Flour Da Waffle says:

    Can i buy this

  28. ary wildcat says:

    Is that for sale ?😍😍

  29. Furisin says:

    Imma take this and just change some stuff to make a personal mask, thanks.

  30. Lemonoa says:

    Your toturial is very helpful! Made one of these for my Tsukihi Araragi cosplay ^^

  31. Elvin Yap says:

    Dope anbu mask yo looks great but get rid of the lame video effects 5:05 rather see your work than the effects to be honest… great tips on making a mask too hope I'll make one soon

  32. Shamim sk says:

    I wish I could buy it

  33. VON /S/ says:


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