Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) Soup Dumplings at the Pavilion Shopping Mall – Kuala Lumpur travel video


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  2. Hemant Kothari says:

    Eating chopsticks require bit of a focus,but focused you can eat anything I tried eating with chopsticks when I was in dubai

  3. 0209alcem says:

    Looks delicious!

  4. Sarah May Low says:

    What a GREAT video 👌

  5. Genie Wills says:

    Love your videos!


    Thanks for the video, we’ll try it out in November. Prices like that is why we travel east and not west.

  7. A Petrang says:

    Oh the famous soup dumpling. Delicious. But one wrong squirt and there goes your eye 🤭

  8. Watford Fc says:

    Lovely video and it looked so tasty , nice to see something a little different and be apart of you’re holiday .
    Great work as always 👍 ps it did look like a lawn you were eating 😝

  9. Wisdom2233 says:

    Yummy yum yum

  10. William C. Guillermo says:

    Wow very nice place also restaurants all the good food

  11. RJnSD says:

    So glad to see both of you enjoy a nice meal. The dumplings look delicious! Hope your week is going great. Take care! Ron

  12. Lkgpuanimho 0 says:

    Next, you can go try Hai Di Lao

  13. Bridget Paul says:

    The food looked so good!! Could you mention name and location of this establishment please? Thank you.😊

  14. Panda55 C says:

    BTW, did you record the making of the dumplings just across from where you sat? I took a picture of it. They made the dumplings right there! Just behind the cash register 👍👍😍😍

  15. Panda55 C says:

    OMG! I just had this on Sunday!! Love the XiaoLongBao. I had my picture taken with the statue in the front!! LOL!
    From Canada, just arrived Danang yesterday. Will be back to KL July 1 and will visit this restaurant 1 more time before I go back to Canada. Enjoy your meal …
    This is my 2nd time to KL, love it here … 😍😍😍
    The thick paste is chilli paste, I like it …

  16. Nesa Dcruz says:

    Welcome back to our neck of the woods. I notice you are in KL quite often , you must like it. Din Tai Fung is popular and has outlets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia. Dim sum is popular here generally and you will find it in coffee shops in Malaysia & Singapore, also in speciality dim sum cafes, night markets etc.

  17. ayad alzahron says:

    I love your vids guys

  18. 0209alcem says:

    Din Tai Fung is my favorite too

  19. Daniel Clooney says:

    wow, those look so good!

  20. Super Saiyan God 2.0 says:

    I love your vids guys! Suggestion: Virgin Atlantic a330 premium eco please! <3 Also, I love you guys!

  21. B8YOU says:


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