Different Guitars Brian May Has Used Over The Years With Queen

Different Guitars Brian May Has Used Over The Years

The Different Guitars Of Brian May


The Red Special Guitar Guyton Made for Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

Queen guitarist Brian May is most famous for using his home made now iconic guitar the Red Special.
Over the years though he’s used an assortment of different guitars.
In the early years we saw him use Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster.

Brian uses Roger Taylor’s old Gibson acoustic in A Kind Of Magic video not Washburn as stated in video

In this video we look at the following guitars
Washburn RR V white Flying V from Princes of the Universe video
Guild 1984 Red Special from One Vision video
John Birch Red Special replica from We Will Rock You Video
1967 Fender Esquire from Crazy Little Thing Called Love
1978 Fender Telecaster from Live Aid 1985
Burns Double 6 used on Long Away
Gibson Chet Atkins CE used a Wembley 86 on The World We Created
Ovation Pacemaker 1615 12 string used on live performance of Love of My Life
George Formby Banjo Ukulele from Bring Back Leroy Brown
Satellite Strocaster from Play The Game Video
Greco Japanese Red Special from Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy Top Of The Pops
Guild F12 12 string
Guyton Arch Top guitar
Gibson Flying V
Guyton Transporter Guitar

Brian May Guitar Gear

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  1. James Rundle says:

    No sound in this one to avoid copyright issues. Check out second video in this series https://youtu.be/icj8pXmhnSg
    Correction : Gibson acoustic in A Kind Of Magic video check description for more info

  2. Thomas Fleig says:

    He used the cheap stratocaster in play the game video because at one point he throws it and Freddie catches it.

  3. RastaSaiyaman says:

    That Burns wasn't a double six (which is a twelve string guitar) it was a Bison model.

  4. pmog2 says:

    No audio on video.James a kind of magic acoustic is an original Gibson owned by Roger.He mentions it in the commentary section from greatest hit 2 dvd.Liked the video.

  5. Prestige Worldwide says:

    Excellent job. A video about guitars and a great guitarist, and the video has no sound. Pure genius. 🙄

  6. Lil Pecka says:

    The telecaster Brian uses in the back chat video (also known as the Keith Richards telecaster) is my dream guitar

  7. Paul St Jean says:

    James, is the song Bring Back Leroy Brown an ode to the late Jim Croce?

  8. Michael Conolan says:

    Most of the early guitars mentioned were simply borrowed at the last minute. They were miming on a lot of the 70s clips. Why bother to bring your own gear if you are just acting in a clip.

  9. Philips Stevens says:


  10. Cynical Who says:

    Didnt brian also buy a black stratocaster when he had enough money in the early days? I think theres a picture of it

  11. Yosh 愛 39 says:

    Double neck RS?

  12. Yosh 愛 39 says:

    Brian May + Randy Rhoads

  13. nursesteve2004 says:

    In the movie it shows Brian (actually Gwyllim) playing a Les Paul when they were first playing “another one bites the dust”. Also the black Tele that Brian played at LiveAid during “Crazy little thing called love”, is the exact same guitar used by Gwyllim during the same in the movie.

  14. dcsabi1 says:

    Kind of MAgic video= Rogs old GIbson acoustic, Guild 12 string live, Martin live, bop rhap acoustic, godin 12 string, bmg super, bmg, various guyton and fryer copies

  15. squ1dbon3r says:

    James, is the guitar in spread your wings and we will rock you actualy orange or is it just the ligth


    He also used a Parker Fly on Mother Love, an Ibanez on Last Horizon, studio version that Joe Satriani have him, a Martin acoustic on ‘39 live in mid 70s.
    A Yamaha silent guitar live on Queen+ Paul Rogers tour.


    No sound is a booooo!

  18. GMACF1 says:

    One of my favourites has to be the Washburn RR-V off The Princes Of The Universe video. Brian’s old guitar tech Brian Zellis told me that he was told to buy 4 crappy odd shaped guitars for the video because they thought they were going to use them in a sword fight or be dropped from a high place so he went with the Washburn.

  19. music girl says:

    This was great! Thanks James! 😀 🌸

  20. Tirtonoto ChondroLukito says:

    I love that ovation and john birch

  21. R. Hoogerwerf says:

    No sound😡 ⁉️ I’m in (copyright) hell I tell you, absolute hell😩😉

  22. Seumas MacKinlay says:


  23. Project Konstantine says:

    weres the black red special/ black old granny

  24. 영 says:

    Brian also used the Guild F-512E 12 string guitar during Love of My Life and ‘39 in recent tours.

  25. Michael Yahn says:

    Hi James, do you happen to know which strap Brian is using on tour now? It’s the one with the slide holders on it. Thanks! And keep up the great work on YouTube. You are my only Brian May source!

  26. Motown 1966 says:

    💁🏾‍♀️ My understanding is that Bri’s Red Special was stolen or lost for some time and it was subsequently returned by a good friend. Do you happen to know the timeframe he was w/o it James? Thx Moe✌🏾!

  27. sheerqueencat says:

    Thank you so much for the informative video. I love watching Brian play. He has such long slender fingers. It seems that Eric Clapton and Hendrix also have (had) a similar hand structure. Do you think it could help in being able to play guitar better? (My piano teacher, (who is actually a guitar player, but teaches me the "inferior" instrument anyway, haha) also has this type of hand.) 😀❤️🎸

  28. Helen F says:

    Is The Guitar Used in the One Vision video not the one used in the recording because the video is from the documentary of the recording of One Vision?

  29. Junior Delgado says:

    When I see him with a different guitar it makes me feel uncomfortable

  30. 012filip says:

    Brian with a LP is weird man haha

  31. Mini Cooper Trooper says:

    I'm surprised it's still working.

  32. Barbara Jeanne says:

    Great video. ❤️

  33. Linda De Graaf says:

    Nice work James Rundle- Thrilled that you included the infamous 'John Birch' RS copy @ 2:00…Brian SMASHED it to bits after breaking a string during a Queen performance in Rutherford in 1982!!

  34. paul Thornley says:

    Brian's first guitar- a small bodied Egmond acoustic that he recieved on his seventh birthday in 1954. It's still in surprisingly good condition.

  35. Random Northeast Ohio Videos says:

    Sound No

  36. Mads says:

    If the list includes guitars that Brian has used, under any circumstances, which could be the case seeing as the Guyton RS Transporter is there – I think the list is perhaps a bit inadequate. For example, there's a recent photo of him using a '93 Guild, and back in June, he used a KZ/Fryer Super (and not to mention his Guyton and Fryer replicas) – and that's just the electric guitars. If my memory serves me right, he's used a bunch of different acoustics for smaller gigs throughout the years. Perhaps the list should've been limited to guitars used throughout the active years of Queen?

  37. K Scarto says:

    Fantastic James!!! Thanks!!! ♡

  38. Queen of Queen says:

    Love Bri’s shirt in the beginning

  39. EL GORDO DE SUPERMAN Guria says:

    Great video! I would add, the gibson "the vee" used after he smashed the birch copy and i think the very first spare was a pre-cbs black fender stratocaster i think it was used during the encore in the rainbow shows in march 74'

  40. Daria Marcoci says:

    James, why is there no sound? Thank you for sharing this with us:))

  41. Jose Antonio Delgado says:

    Great James thanks.

  42. Queen of Queen says:

    James is it ok that I call you Rundedely-doo?:)

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