Devil May Cry 5 Sparda’s Return | CAPCOM | PC Mods | 2019

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Sparda SDT Mod Link:

Devil May Cry: War of the Peak / Pinnacle of Combat
Release Date of the Game: September 2019
Platform: Android & iOS

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  1. Regg Calderon says:

    Naka-japanese yung dialogue

  2. LIL_ DANIEL24 says:

    Brub why is this shit in Japanese it sounds stupid

  3. Axel Arteaga says:

    Me gustaría más si las espadas estuvieran al revés
    Primero el filo de fuerza antes de apuñalarse con rebelión y después la sparda

  4. He Who Battles says:

    Say what you want about the Japanese voices but in my opinion i think Nero's scream at 2:35 sounds way better than the original

  5. Yeet says:

    Dante sounds like Kira

  6. Hafiz Sofia says:

    Really niceeee

  7. james brockman says:

    Wow the voices do not match at all
    Dub is better the mod is awesome by the way

  8. Kami Weavile says:

    First time hearing the Japanese dub

  9. JayZerskie49 says:

    Do u have a mod that replaces urizen w/ mundus??

  10. JayZerskie49 says:

    So that's how sparda turned his sword into force edge

  11. Ayoub Rouatbi says:

    This is one of te best mid you did

  12. ISHEDA Gaming says:

    Awesome mod 👍🏻👍🏻

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