Devil May Cry 5 – Quicksilver Dante vs Hardcore Vergil (Modded DMD Boss Fight)

Hardcore Vergil mod by Flemia is way too ridiculous on DMD… So, this one time, so I’ve decided this one time for Dante to bring in a little bit of countermeasure… xP
Still trying to learn the fight though. Comparing to my last Vergil video, I got my ass kicked way too many times. So far, I only got 2 successful attempts – the ones in this very video.

I know adding Quicksilver to Royal Revenge for Dante is cheesing the fight a bit, but I tried to use it only in crucial moments when I knew for certain I could activate it safely. You can still get your ass handed to you if you choose the wrong moment. It’s still awesome though. Felt like nice counterbalance to all the new stuff he got. Flemia is a genius by the end of the day.

Night Verses – Infinity Beach
Night Verses – Earthless

I do not own the song nor do I get any profit from using it.

I still plan to do one more video of fooling around in DMC5 in really weird and OP manner. Not sure if it works out, but last time I tried it, i regretted I didn’t record it… I might as well do so in time…

May the dark keep your mind clear… Take care… m/


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  1. 2310sammy says:

    2:08 Can he actually do that in DT?! :O

  2. valentin dezu says:

    So good!

  3. DDH1 says:

    I wish the vergil hair mod could be adjusted to make it look like he has his slick back hair in the beginning and in the middle it falls down

  4. Rejoicing FakePriest says:

    Now I'm a little motivated!

  5. Funny Cotitos says:

    11:37 ouch

  6. biswajit prusty says:

    Vergil should have time stop orb

  7. Halberg says:

    This mod by Flemia is Better than the original! we should highly recommend this to all GODLIKE DMC5 Players to try this out for insane battle with Bossess! I Love to see them how they also get struggling fighting this Hardcore Vergil Mod!

  8. 川又伽椰子 says:
    This is my operation

  9. KixNaX says:

    I feel like I'm watching final fantasy advent child

  10. 川又伽椰子 says:

    Hello, why can't the twilight mod of this M19 scene work?

  11. Rookie Luke says:

    The filter is back ayyy

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