Devil May Cry 5 Analysis | A Love Letter to a Series

Bang, Bang, Bang,
Pull my Devil Trigger!!

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  1. Richella River says:

    Loved DMC 5 ( and it's predecessors.) And I liked DmC, but replaying DMC5, sort of made me realise how many elements the new DMC took from DmC.

    Yeah, I'm sure I'll get lots of hate but that's how I feel.

  2. Hikaru shidou says:

    Sorry as much as I love dmc5 i think it only made me crave more I need more dmc now that we have this

  3. Hikaru shidou says:

    Devil may cry 5 is a true masterpiece

  4. littlepianoboi says:

    Idea for DMC 6: dante and vergil both get ambushed by mundus while they are fighting, and they both get turned under his control, now dante and vergil is in a form which fuses his sin DT with his nelo angelo form together, Mundus forces them to open up a portal using Yamato, and demons invade the world again, except this time with the leftover blood from the qliphoth tree, they are stronger. Skip forward 3-5 years, nero has founded a devil hunter academy, you are one of the students in the academy, starting out with 1 devil arm and gun and a style to specialize in, among many others (may be a massive multiplayer open world type of thing, like zelda BoTW). You first treat demons as if they're nothing but things to kill and hunt, but slowly you hear a voice from your devil arm, forming a bond with your devil arm, you start unlocking a power that somewhat resembles DT but can only be done if both you and the demon inside your devil arm are acting with the same intention (you have a bar that slowly increases the more stylishly you play which allows you to activate your DT, meaning getting hit resets the bar.) , by the time you are finished with 50% of the game, you have gained 2 other devil arms, 2 guns, and you've unlocked a second style to use. You start finding out about what caused the demons to appear, you team up with a now older Nero, who has his DT buffed through artificial implants created by Nico, and the both of you set out to defeat dante and vergil. Along the way you meet up with Lady and Trish, in a now better looking DMC shop, and they join you on your adventure to regain control of dante, and vergil. Finally once you've free'd both of them in a boss fight with the both of them, you face Mundus. Nero and the others are weakened from helping you defeat Dante and Vergil, so they pour their remaining energy into you (lady giving you a enhanced katrina ann, now able to shoot demonic energy), you gain a new DT that has the combined elements of all 3 of your devil arms, nero and trish's DT, you face off Mundus, after a final battle, you've won, and mundus is defeated, you and the DMC cast walk out, unknowing that a rogue student of the Devil Hunter academy has been trained by Mundus to take his place, the very first student of the academy (insert some edgy name im past my creative limit now lol).

  5. Haris Shah says:

    Agreed. My only disappointment with DMC 5 is that Trish and Lady doesn't do anything.

  6. Andy says:

    To be fair to Dante, I think his colder and more hard-headed attitude in this game partly comes from his desire to keep Nero, who is all too eager to seek vengeance to prove his own worth to himself, away from the battle with Vergil for the sake of sparing the boy the trauma that would induce.
    Luckily, the new devil hunter ended up finding a far more benevolent motivation for fighting by endgame.

  7. seanwuzhere12 says:

    Even though lady looks young she's still old enough to be nico's mom. That's a weird paring.

  8. Qwerty Bastard says:

    You sure Dante didn't drop Trish cause he doesn't wanna see/handle his naked mom's body?

  9. siddbastard says:

    I agree, The Last Jedi was an absolute masterpiece of modern storytelling.

  10. King Newburry says:

    I honestly don’t know why people give DMC:Devil May Cry so much crap I actually really like it. Despite how DMC4s Dantes badass cadence and cavalierness I like the reboots deviant asshole Dante it’s a fresh take I enjoy🍻

  11. Bonnythebest1 says:

    53:46 That Egoraptor reference

  12. yusuf alman says:

    Yeah 5 is a great ending, LETS WAIT FOR DEVIL MAY CRY SPARDA NEXT

  13. Ghost phantom says:

    Being someone who started the series with dmc 4 I feel more connected to Nero then Dante or Vergil mainly cause I didnt know who they were so finding out more about the series was fun and I want more from it but I accept this being the last game we see of the series and I can't wait to play the previous games and even getting more stylish in dmc 5

  14. RockTex says:

    42:25 I know this song Idk the name help me out

  15. dgrb1234 says:

    You have complaints over the load times? Me too but in the reverse, they loaded too quickly so I couldn't read them before they vanished, had to quickly take screen shots of them so I could actually read them

  16. NeverSaySandwich1 says:

    I had never played a dmc game before V, and I was blown away. This game was so much damn fun. Favorite game of 2019 so far

  17. RasenRendan says:

    Idc what anyone says Devil May Cry 5 deserves Game of the Year 2019. After all the expectations and lead up and what happened due as well as ppl losing faith in Capcom prior to RE2 Remake. this game was a Grand Slam and i hope it wins that award.

  18. Onawa Tohopka says:


  19. CanIGetGood says:

    One day we will get a vergil playable character in dmc 5

  20. energiesoler says:

    I think I'm starting to understand how this whole thing works…

  21. Alex Park says:

    Mad respect to the DMC 5 team and to you for all that editing!

  22. Jack Carter says:

    I don't think devil may cry is ending, as they said, they'll back off eachother for now and etc

  23. edgardo Fernandez says:

    Foxcade remember that at the end of the devil may cry 5 virgil say to his son nero that he will not lose next time and to hold the book for the next time they see each other so that is hint that they are going to make other devil may cry game I hope is devil may cry 6 if I was the director of the game what I do the return of mundus and dante virgil and nero go put a end to his return to the human world love your channel

  24. Kevin Vo says:

    Small thing, I do wish th loading screens weren't just a static image with hints. Could have been like bayonetta and just be a practice screen. Actually considering that loading for the training mode is long that might not work.

    Maybe it could have been like DmC's loading screens. It would help casuals "git gud" at the combat without looking at youtube vids

  25. LightFocus says:

    I need more content in this game. I will give you more of my money Capcom please, I'm addicted

  26. gamer boi says:

    please watch your words around the devil, he may cry shitty laugh track

  27. Goonizumi TV says:

    new combo arm who dis?

  28. Jordan Ortiz says:

    the removal of items was honestly for the better
    it helps you be more dependent on your own skill to stay alive than depending on items to save your skin
    the red orb/gold orb only revival system also gives you more drive to go for a no-continue run, hence improving your skills more
    i feel as if it's just the challenge you should have if you're new to the series, and a proper challenge for veterans

  29. Succumb to your own Oblivion says:

    I like nico's character dynamic, but…. I don't like her accent. To me it just doesn't fit with the rest of the cast. So I just set the language to Japanese to bypass it. I know that defeats the majority of my comment, but I sometimes like to hear the cast in English.

  30. ConComEX says:

    I'm unforgivable late to this party, but:
    God bless you again Foxcade. Jackpot!

  31. Misa Pheonix says:

    Great analysis video. However I CAN'T believe you never mentioned even a possibility of a (direct) sequel/prequel!!
    The Quiphlod roots could easily lead the twins down to Mundus, where we can finally have direct contact with the Sparda storyline (the father acting as the new playable character through flashbacks and current timeline resurfacing).
    To me, DMCV ends very clearly as sequel bait. And, given the fact that Sparda twins are still fighting by the end, a DMC6 would seal the deal while introducing fans to with Sparda.

  32. I've Seen Footage says:

    Man it's so nice to see Super Best Friends again and their reactions to a game they all love.

  33. Zultan says:

    I'm 40 hrs into DMC 5 but I'm not gonna lie I really did enjoy DMC. If it was it's own thing I'm sure it would've done fine.

  34. Flaming Gilgamesh says:

    A neat thing is that Lady's boss form is Artemis which was a weapon unique to DMC3 which was her debut

  35. Flaming Gilgamesh says:

    With both your statements on best girl and best OTP I find myself disagreeing but being unable to say you're wrong

  36. Anime Obituaries says:

    Me too man i dearly love the original DMC Series 😍😍😍.

  37. Chris the Chilled says:

    DMC6 is a low possibility. Just saying!

  38. Leo Jimmy says:

    Well said, devil may cry 5 combat is the pinnacle of freedom of choice and expression. Dante and nero and even V have raised the bar. I will argue anyone to the death that no other game comes close

  39. Nilly Nush says:

    So they blacked morrison??

  40. Rex Mix says:

    Nero is Donte done right.

    Prove me wrong.

  41. DTW4ve says:

    I actually kinda like DmC.

  42. Lyras Pasar says:

    I love dmc 5 simply because, it has kind of a dark souls effect, that YOU just have to git gud (learn patherns, timing, combos etc) to get SSS ranks. for example Fury. I – LOVE – Fighting – Fury because fighting fury feels more like a test of skill, like those vocabulary tests that pop up in between. Fury has 3 forms (maybe 4 not sure), of how to charge at you. every single one is distinkt in telegraphing. one is almost instanthit. next is a bit delayed, another has kind of a prewarning and you need to reakt to them, be it parrying or dodging. this is why fury is my most favorite enemy to fight against.

  43. scott chegg says:

    I never used to bother with royal guard untill 5 and it made me so much better at dmc as a whole

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