Derrick May Techno DJ Set Live From Hi-Tek-Soul ADE Party


  1. Chaz Dadkhah says:

    So bummed I missed this for ADE because I got too fucked up…

  2. DJ Bigos Mike Roter says:

    (00)Jimmy Edgar-The Dip Chair
    (02)DJ 300-Take Me Away (Truncate Remix)
    (06)Mark Broom – King
    (12)Tevatron-My Origins,Part 2 (Spatial Mix)
    (17)Charles Green-Routes
    (21)Greg Gow-Lantana
    (28)ASSAILANTS feat. Ben Sims&Truncate-Effort 8
    (31)Tom Flynn – Packard
    (33)Delano Smith-Midnight Hours
    (36)Hector Oaks-Avoid Reality
    (45)Trevino&Roberto-Jan Roller
    (50)Walk The Night – Skatt Bros?
    (56)Tevatron – My Origins (Spatial Mix)
    (61)Deep'a & Biri – Emergence
    (69)Two Full Minds – No Smoke (Deep Deep Dap)
    (74)Jerome Sydenham & Hideo Kobayashi & DJ Said – Yaba

  3. Ktacka Ktacka says:


  4. chupa pimento says:

    track id at 21" please

  5. Hicham cha says:

    Salut☮️ un tueur de son ce Derrick May 👍merci pour ce moment de plaisir 😍

  6. The Juggler says:

    29:00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Xena says:

    Wueeeeeeeee!!!!!! Thanks DJ Mag!!!!! LIVE MUSIC LOVE HOUSE!!!! Awesome!!! Authentic sound!!! 👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥😘

  8. Walter Ciccolella says:

    Track id 50:00

  9. F O U R T H says:

    Maestro of Techno

  10. mja music switzerland says:


  11. Ecco Marc says:

    Track id min '27 ? Please thx !

  12. Deep Tech Underground says:

    The Master!!!!

  13. Denis Silveira says:

    Meu ta Loko o Cara é foda, Detroit Rules o/

  14. david DL says:

    35min.39!!???what's the name of this track??!!!

  15. Don Nos says:

    Track id at 44:45 starts please?

  16. rejistry says:

    Cameramen need to realize that they must focus on the hands & gear of artists… especially when it comes to the calibre of Derrick May.

  17. Lazon Williams says:

    Our hometown boy!

  18. adam vallejo says:

    Derrick has to be the last DJ still using CD's WTF?!!?

  19. Sander Alves says:

    Som de qualidade

  20. Daniel Bendquist says:


  21. Kiss Joe says:

    Abs tune m8 !!!!👏👏👏👑👑

  22. Eduh Albuk says:

    Amazing beat….

  23. 00111000 00110011 says:

    amo demais

  24. Luke Davies says:

    Solid ✊🏻✊🏻

  25. Felipe Juracan says:


  26. Pugazhendhi Viru Marley says:

    First comment 😍😍😍
    Top 1 DJ 2019 me..🤭🤭

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