Demonetization On YouTube May Become A Thing Of The Past!

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In her final blog post for 2019, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki discussed how the company will focus on finding advertisers (sponsors/brand deals) for edgier, more mature content on the platform. This can effectively eradicate demonetization from the platform entirely. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more great content.

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  1. ReviewTechUSA says:

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  2. Bartosz Piórkowski says:

    First we need to wait for results. Susan that b… witch is known for talking one thing and doing completely different and personaly on place of content creators i would not believe her, she's not caring about your own buisness.

  3. Electron Resonator says:

    scare children from your channel in any possible way, then you're fine

  4. Mikey Stones says:

    I know adults play the switch, but its ironic to talk about accessories for the switch then talk about making adult content. Also is Nintendo a top, or a bottom? No that Nintendo is a switch.

  5. Arrngrim Valesti says:

    REE! Make YouTube Great Again! (~.~)/ Vote Trump 2020!

  6. sparkplug1018 says:

    Now if they can just stop demonetizing firearms related videos, AND this works out, then we'll be onto something.

  7. Eric B. says:

    I think any content creator who covers videogames needs to be worried. And if they aren't, than they haven't really read and grasped what is deemed as Children's content by COPPA. If you are talking about lets say a Pokemon, Mario or even a Sports game like Madden, you may find that your content is in violation of COPPA. I seriously hope this won't affect the channels I love to watch that cover gaming but after reading what FTC deems as being geared toward children, it appears that even people who think their content isn't geared toward children may be wrong according to FTC. But I guess we will all find out come January 2020.

  8. ddrguy300 says:

    Discount code ain't working

  9. Bears 25 says:

    Youtube Veto and associated channels have been making money on YouTube doing things and saying things everyone else couldn't do for a while why is this a thing now? I don't get it

  10. Aisaka Taiga says:

    Wow this is gonna be great for gaming creators and horror creators

  11. めいそんめいそん says:

    i love your channel
    i watch them every day and my wife doesn't know english but loves the channel too.
    thankyou so much
    we are going to become one of your members at some point so we wont miss out on anything (^-^)

    Also in japan
    theres a big problem

    theres some youtuber that streams video of pachinko and slots
    but youtube have stopped there ads that contains pachinko and slots so thats a big bum right now in japan

  12. Xinless Vice says:

    No need to demonetize when all the videos are gone anyway.

  13. a a says:

    imagine having the most downvoted video ever in history o mankind and still criticize creators

  14. Plum Fun says:

    Just FYI to those folks who think Youtube has anything to do with COPPA: They don't. The FTC is going to be the ones seeing your video and thinking "Hmmm…that's for kids and you didn't label it as for kids. Pay us thousands and thousands of dollars for that video…while we're at it, pay us that same amount for the other 23 video's that fit this criteria".
    So many people are under the impression that if they just "don't flag their content as being for kids, they're safe"…nope. It is the FTC that decides if YOU broke the law. YOU are the one paying…not Google/Youtube.

    Rich, you have video game reviews. To the FTC "video games are for kids". You have a cartoon image at the beginning of your video's. To the FTC "cartoons are for kids". Oh, sure you and everyone watching you may understand that your content is to inform adults of the gaming industry and tech…but the FTC? A bunch of old dudes who probably don't know the difference between Mario, Sonic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh; to them… "they're all stuff for kids".
    THAT is what is the most frightening. That your (general your) channel and your entire financial life/situation could be wiped out by some old bureaucrat in the government who sees "DOOM" and "Mario" as the exact same thing; video games for kids.

  15. gamernaut88 says:


  16. DiverseLA says:

    I love it when you call me Big COPPA

  17. kenz200g says:

    Your saying there people on YouTube who aren’t 5 😱 I’m shock

  18. Brandon Kick says:

    Rich I think you kinda are missing the boat on a few things here….

    You don't get to decide that your channel is "adult oriented". Just marking your videos "child friendly" or "adult content" doesn't mean diddly squat. What DOES mean something is how "the man" (because I have no idea exactly who it is making these decisions) determines if or not your content/videos are children friendly or not.

    The big problem here is that you think your content is adult material. For the most part, I'd agree. Lets be real about something though… you occasionally talk about video games and game consoles who's primary demographic is arguably those that would be consider children and even if we can't go that far, we can say a lot of children play games and your channel features a lot of gaming related content.

    I'm not here to argue with you about what you think your channel content is considered, but more so to point out the fact that it doesn't matter what you think your content is considered. There are other entities out there that get to make that choice, going off of legal verbiage that is so broad and vague that essentially they can make the case however they really want to and it would still fit the law. This is the problem. I can easily see a fair portion of your videos get labeled children oriented and now all of a sudden you get nailed 42K for each video you swore up and down was for adults but they swear up and down it's appealing to children and thus you have children in your audience.

    The problem here is the law and the way it's written and interpreted. I can't see how they are going to objectively fix such a law. I mean, I do believe it is possible, but the level of effort and intelligence required to make the law objective and reasonable in nature is just beyond what is going to happen.

    Either way. I enjoy your content. I wouldn't be here if I didn't. I just feel you might have just a little bit too much optimism on how you think this deal is going to play out and how COPPA is going to affect you.

  19. Ethan Joel McGee says:

    Yeah after COPPA there wont be any YouTubers to Demonetize

  20. Tell Me Something says:

    There's a cop who filed for resisting arrest over 180+ cases for the past 13 years, who was finally fired because he was discovered for police brutality. It took them 13 years to catch him. How long will YouTube take to fix their mistake?

  21. ReineDeLaSeine14 says:

    Smorgasbord is an awesome word

  22. Demetrius Lolos says:

    This is what happens went government gets involved. We get old YouTube back.

  23. Ray Rogers says:

    YouTube is just fucking themselves in the end. Content creators made their website, not them. So when they leave their money is gone. I’ll happily switch to a new site and so will others. Rest in Piss YouTube.

  24. Kelly_ letsplaykelly_ Fitzpatrick says:

    gaming should not be considered "for kids"

  25. Kelly_ letsplaykelly_ Fitzpatrick says:

    The FTC needs to say gaming is safe or Youtube is dead.

  26. Hurrley says:

    When Gen X think they're Boomers lmaoo

  27. ARRevolution says:

    See kids go watch Youtube kids.

  28. 1hard2findbro says:

    Hope your Thanksgiving is going well sir 🙏

  29. Jonathan Walter Rosas Yanguez says:

    This means Mortal Kombat 11 Sindel Klassic Tower Walkthrough VERY HARD will have prerolls, midrolls and endrolls ads, and with Fatal Blows, Brutalities and Fatalities (With Full Color, uncensored).

  30. JoaoG R says:


  31. Mytias Gaming says:

    Guess they don't really want anyone to make a career off of this website do they???

  32. James Wright says:

    I hope family-friendly content survives this insane COPPA deal.

  33. Walter J. C says:

    Just don’t subscribe to their services.

  34. Rem says:

    This is adult content?
    Your humor is about as childish as my 8 year old nephew. lol

  35. Im Horny says:

    Let's just make a version of YouTube that requires actual verification? It's easy if you're not a small kid / an illegal immigrant. You can then have edgy content for adults while kids get Coppa friendly content?

  36. Jonathan Lupfer says:

    There still needs to be some kind of saving grace for kid/family friendly content though to. It can't all be just the edgy stuff that gets saved.

  37. Cellphone Dave says:

    Creators, if your on someone else's platform, your renting your success. Your a business Tennant, not an owner. Become an owner.

  38. Turb0s says:

    YouTube wants Leafy back lol

  39. JasonsRiffsNotGood says:

    I'm glad that the gameplay went away on this channel. Most of the time it was just online FPS footage, which isn't very fun to watch IMO. Run, gets killed, respawns, run gets killed respawns, etc

  40. Venom Snake says:

    I believe COPPA is made by the dying medium of cable, I believe this is the cable companies last attempt to remain relevant and Draw out their eventual extinction. People and companies like CBS and Jimmy Kimmel are fighting to remain a thing for just a little bit longer. Major companies have realized cables dying soon and have begun to make internet services, for example Disney and Disney plus.
    COPPA is by all means a last ditch attempt by a dying medium to cling to life just a bit longer.

  41. Venom Snake says:

    Someordinarygamers made a video the other day, explaining how he got a lawyer to explain it all. Its really nothing to worry about on the creator side, so long as your description and channel mentions it isnt for kids.
    If youtube does false claim you, you can counter sue and if it's found its false, YouTube will have to pay you the fine and you can sue them for wrongly accusing

  42. Paradox Bear says:

    I miss the old YouTube back in the early 2000s. Not this "safe" YouTube we have today. There has to be a balance for Adults and younglings. The non-PG Rich was always so welcoming to hear.

  43. Geronimo Tilton says:

    Jokes on them, they never started paying me

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