Dare White Choc Mocha Iced Coffee Drink

Yet another flavoured milk drink. The Dare White Choc Mocha



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“Perspectives” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Suzy S says:

    Great review, thank you! and I've got to say, the 2 special guests were super cute xD

  2. RpM says:

    a bit too much i just prefer regular coffee iced dare drink

  3. Thanh Huyền Chu says:

    hello friend nice place

  4. Kurt H says:

    how come my notifacation bell doesnt go ding ding ding!!

  5. Jerry ASMR 제리 says:

    very very good✨ let’s be friends☺️

  6. Roger Th' Pirate says:

    Great review i wonder if you do Oak Redskin flavor Milk

  7. Mode Munch says:

    Daz you're the poshest Tazzie of all.

  8. JustFoodReviews says:

    "If I had too" lol. That's a no for me.

  9. Matt I says:

    thanks for the review mate. I'd like to see a review of the violet crumble flavoured Golden Gaytime if possible. cheers Daz

  10. NubglummerySnr says:

    Wasn't a fan of this one, but it was better than the new Bickfords' flavoured milks, which only seem to be available at IGA at the moment. Tried all three of their new ready mixed iced coffee varieties and in all instances it was like having a cup of milky coffee that had gone cold overnight. Very unpleasant. Don't mind the Bickfords' Ice Coffee syrup stirred into a glass of cold milk though.

  11. Nhung Chez says:

    I want to try this.

  12. bencoops6 says:

    Good brew. I often grab for a dare before hitting the town

  13. 2 Aussie says:

    Lots of caffeine that’s my kind of drink 👍😎😎😎

  14. Jeff Bourke says:

    Hell yes. I want to try this.

  15. AB's Kitchen Recipes & Vlogs says:

    Awesome video of your review of the Dare White Choc Mocha.Like 2. Watched fully

  16. BWG says:

    Unfortunate they used flavour than actual white choc. never tried a dare gotta try one soon

  17. Emaan 99 Tv says:

    Nice sir 2nd like

  18. BWG says:


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