Perfect S means: S in every given category (or battle) + no damage and no continues.

Check out the playlist:

My controls are the same as my DMC4 controls for the most part:
O=Devil Breaker
Triangle=Devil Bringer
D-pad= Break Away

source: https://goindocal.com/

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27 thoughts on “Dante Must Die – Mission 20 Perfect S Rank – Devil May Cry 5

  1. Awesome as always bro! You never fail to impress and entertain. I really enjoy the sense of humour and your upbeat attitude towards these kinds of demanding runs. It's inspiring! Looking forward to the H&H run and BP stuff.

  2. Congregations! Not the best but still a distinctive DMD ND Walkthrough I have ever seen!
    By the way, are you going to do Bloody Palace with Dante? Can't wait to see it!

  3. If this is the final episode I want y’all to know I’m saddened by this … I enjoyed watching this “series “ tbh ( except for V related missions cse screw that emo twat hahah I rather deal with dmc4 Nero being emotional )

    Ps that intro was gold 😭😂🙏🏽

  4. Sad to see the series end but this was fun to watch. Seeing bloody palace is next do a no damage run ovo. I would like to see you do a perfect S in hell and hell mode :^) (Idk on heaven or hell probs just for kicks)

  5. This run was just the best thing ever on YouTube! You are incredible. Seriously don't ever stop giving us new videos about this fantastic game.

  6. Dont hate V, capcom ruined his playstyle. Capcom. In the original release version, he was not part of vergil btw. Rushed release.

  7. Yes, i learned many cool stuff from your videos and very grateful to you. This music from Chaos Legion is selected flawlessly, evokes nostalgia.
    End credits is perfect, as always 🙂

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