The month of May saw plenty of exciting Cubs baseball. Cubs players hit 51 home runs, three grand slams and pulled off four walk-off wins. Defensively, there were incredible catches by Albert Almora Jr. and Jason Heyward and stunning infield plays by Javy Báez and Anthony Rizzo. Which play in May was your favorite?

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34 thoughts on “Cubs Top Plays in May

  1. Javy baze you are the best when I play my game at 2 bass I think of being you I would love to meet you I loved you since I was 2

  2. My favorite part of May was when the Cubs became known throughout all the world as sell outs in 2016. More and more people are finding out how pathetic their organization, players, and fake fan base are in doing that.

    Go Brewers!

  3. If the St. Louis Cardinals YouTube channel tried to make one of these, they wouldn’t be able to find enough clips. So boring.

  4. I was at the cubs and cards game, the one that got delayed and I went home. Then you guys started playing at midnight and I don’t even know how you continued with puddles everywhere on the field. Biggest cub fan ever, GO CUBS GO!!!!

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