Cthulhu: Death May Die Review

Welp. After some discussion with some folks on YouTube I re-read the rules. I think I must have misread something in one of the examples for combat. You don’t add your “bonus insane” dice to monster attacks. Never. But, when we played we never added all the dice rolls from all the monster stages. We DID all the abilities together, but not all the dice on all the cards. So, we were basically playing it with my ummm “variant” of the Insanity Rolls, but were only rolling the dice on the current stage of the monster, so it ends up being “close” to a wash. I hopefully don’t confuse too many more people 🙁

Cthulhu: Death May Die Review

Intro (00:00); gameplay overview (01:55); final thoughts and review (17:01);

Cthulhu: Death May Die

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  1. Phil H says:

    Is this channel associated with drive thru RPG at all? Sorry if this gets asked that a lot. Thanks.

  2. TheErnieforss says:

    Am I the only one that shakes their head when they use the "H" word for He who is not to be Named.

  3. yogibbear says:

    I am so excited! I have the shipping notification and a tracking number. The KS will arrive next week! (Oz)

  4. Douglas Ladd says:

    Have 6 games under my belt, they play very differently depending on which Old One you match with the episode. Dagon with Episode 2, watch out.

  5. Michael Wright says:

    I love This Game is Broken! Neat to hear you reference them. Wonderful review, glad to hear people are liking the game.

  6. Waut Dooghe says:

    Looks neat. Anxiously awaiting my copy

  7. Han Ng says:

    You didn't spring for the ridiculous 3ft tall Cthulhu statue that becomes the game board at some point?

  8. Tom D says:

    Great review, Joel.

  9. Southfloridelphia says:

    Don't forget that insanity is no longer a medical term. I always think of insanity in these games as an existential destruction of your psyche when confronting things your character had never imagined possible.

  10. Democosoh says:

    Great in depth review, as always! but…wait, wait, wait….so are you saying that when you get the bonus green die on the Sanity track, that applies to EVERY roll you make, even when you roll against yourself during Monster attacks?!?

  11. Kalamari says:

    Hey, great review! As far as I understand, however, the opponents only throw the dice indicated on their cards, no bonus dice!

  12. Portland bfc says:

    Don’t you think the tiles are too small?

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