Cracked Technic Launcher[DOWNLOAD][Hexxit][Tekkit]


  1. bayjxker says:

    allah senden razı olsun türk olduğunu biliyorum inşallah bu yorumu görürsünde sevinirsin.

  2. Maatej says:

    thank you

  3. Sokol CZ says:

    after 2 days of playing it say bad credentials :/

  4. Mihael Mikic says:

    Tnx mate

  5. Sokol CZ says:

    lmaoo thanks it works still in 2019 i dont need to buy mojang acc

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks, worked

  7. The Queen Of Lambily says:


  8. Štefan Podhorský says:

    thanks it works in 2019

  9. your mom gay . no i says:

    I have a big problem. It works but when I closed it there was no shortcut for it. So I went to roaming and found the .technic folder and when I opened it it turns out there isn't an application to open the damn thing. So can you help me with that?

  10. braici187 says:

    wait this actually works im not joking

  11. BalkanRock Gamer says:

    not working!

  12. Snapey says:

    wtf im still downloaded java when I download my minecraft and the tekkit isnt work with that java. do i need uninstall and install again java?

  13. D3n0X says:

    im from future

  14. D3n0X says:

    it works if you want to know
    in 2018

  15. SmokeHez says:

    not a virus works fine installs fast with 5 mod packs vanilla,tekkit legends,hexxit,blightfall,attack of the B-Team.

  16. BlackberryKun says:

    do we need an actual account?

  17. Chrisanthemum12 says:

    ve sonunda bir türk 🙂

  18. KnoXF says:

    Java Runtime Enviroiment not found. Pls help.

  19. theodor dank says:

    invalid token error pls help

  20. niks 4 says:

    is it a virus ?

  21. Hamza 77k says:

    meh i didnt download hexxit i download Atack of the b_team

  22. Kiriha says:

    thanks it working

  23. Dikfail says:


  24. Ramunas cezario says:

    does it work on mac?

  25. Mert Doğan says:

    İt works thanks!

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