What an amazing time. Miss Capra and I were fortunate to be hired to shoot a wedding in Bora Bora. Which means, we got the experience of a lifetime at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora. Here is my comprehensive review of the Four Seasons Resort.

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  1. nmelkhunter1 says:

    Very beautiful. It reminds me of the Caribbean coast of Panama. Namely, the San Blas Islands.

  2. Aitor Navarro says:

    Music is too loud

  3. derek pela says:

    Bro keep on doing ur job cse u done pretty good stuff

  4. Aaron Blackmon says:

    Awesome video sir thanks for the content , going with my fam this Christmas can’t wait

  5. Scott Mullis says:

    Bro, i say this with the utmost respect. Your wife is smoking hot!!!

  6. Nini Kukhianidze says:

    and house $ ?
    Maybe $7 k ?

  7. Christopher Blake says:

    Nice! What do you use for editing ?

  8. Zeb Alford says:

    Only 30k a night sure all us vets will be going on our VA backpay bonus

  9. Still SaRaH says:

    I wish I could go to bora bora….. but I’m pora pora 💤😞

  10. ryan thomson says:

    You should go to the Grand Wailea in Maui

  11. EXOTICLEX says:

    Did you shoot any footage with a gimbal? Great review! Thanks for sharing! Bora Bora is def on the bucket list.

  12. Pilar Sanchez says:

    Was the resort under construction? I’ll be traveling there in November. I’ve heard people are choosing other resorts for that reason.

  13. Photo Quintessence says:

    Great Video 👍🏿 Bora Bora ❤️

  14. Carley Smith says:

    Pretty good!

  15. Jason Brown says:

    Curious question: why do you recommend not using the safe?

  16. Christopher1775 says:

    Another stellar video sir! Thank you for sharing! 😎🥇👍🏽

  17. Larry Schierl says:

    Sand rakers up !!! Looks better than the sand in 29 Palms 😉
    Cool vid!

  18. spicy MILK says:

    Turn the music down and you will be good.

  19. chris getz says:

    Having sunglasses even inside Water! You are robocop! 💪

  20. Chris Rannals says:

    Awesome!  Have always enjoyed your vids….best to ya'll and continued success.

  21. Max Geitner says:

    just a little bit jelly

  22. Carlos Velasquez says:

    where do you catch the boat to the main island? how much do you have to pay for the ride to the main island and back?

  23. Jacob Haskins says:

    I would feel insecure about walking on the sand they rake because I wouldn't want anyone walking on sand I just raked

  24. Ship on Site Sales says:

    So amazing!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Bucket list for shure, tx for sharing

  26. Maxwell McArthur says:

    I'd rake sand in Bora Bora

  27. Bosingr says:

    5:46 So what do you recommend?

    7:43 BYOTB

    Thanks for the tour Nick!

  28. Tac Wolf says:

    That looks like an amazing trip!!!!!! Have to plan a trip there. Hope you two had a blast on the well deserved break from the norm. Thank you for the inside look at what all the place has to offer.

  29. Plemons Lawn Care says:

    Best part of the video. Should hire Marines we’re good at that. I remember those days! LOL Semper Fi bro!

  30. Tammy Caplan says:

    Just amazing

  31. Mark Garcia says:

    Is Bora Bora going to replace Greece for your yearly vacation spot?

  32. petros antoniou says:

    Τιποτα σαν την Ελλαδα

  33. Richard Field says:

    That place looks amazing! Definitely need to go there myself one day. Also that ending transition was smooth AF!

  34. Armin Möller says:

    Bora Boras sun so bright, you has to wear sunglasses for morning swim . Cool loktion for vacancen . I love swimming in ocean.

  35. george Χαριτος says:

    Yeah bora bora is ok but is there going to be a loutraki 2019?

  36. JonStarkEDC says:

    When I go there, I expect you see yours and Ms. Kapras name at Bloody Mary's, Nick

  37. The Patriotic Runner says:

    Going to bora bora in August for my honeymoon, can’t wait!

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