Clash Royale Official Mega Knight Is Here Trailer


  1. DragonGirl TheBoss says:

    His HP at this point is still too high……*I just can't win- my fault*

  2. Xyleno says:

    That trailer is scary at the beginning

  3. Hello says:

    Absolute cringe

  4. Rickypotato says:

    please nerf it again

  5. Rxsh_Gamer 961 says:

    The begining of the vid reminds me of rainbow 6 siege

  6. RaGe_StorM 51 says:

    Why do bad looking troops have to be the strongest


    Whats is the music

  8. Анимационные бравлеры says:

    ( )
    Мир пир

  9. Chanchala Kumari says:

    Mega knight is the brother of Knight…
    Or maybe…

    Cross of builder and knight…

  10. Psev_Daniel. says:


  11. god of the power says:


  12. Andri Ailt says:


  13. David sublimer says:

    Lol the mega knight is the best melé legendary

  14. Ck brawl stars says:

    He is no longer Mega he is just a Knight

  15. M_A_R_C_O_S says:

    Wait in Clash Royale it says a level one mega knight does 360 damage when it jumps but in this video it did 366 to the tower

  16. Esav 3 says:


  17. cesar guitierres says:


  18. Łuki Clash Royale says:

    Bardzo lubię mega knighta najlepsza legenda

  19. Marco Assassin says:

    name of song in the begining?

  20. Omar Cruz says:

    Y como le hace para cagar y limpiarse

  21. NINJA Hypers says:


  22. The Videos says:


  23. Golden Mustache says:

    I need the mega knight sooooo bad!

    He is my favorite troop in the whole wide universe and galaxys

  24. Eldar Osmanovic says:


  25. PrivatePancakes69 says:

    people still play this ?

  26. sixpath says:

    F*cking really?
    I don't subscribe to watch some shitty "trailers" of shitty game.

  27. Wayward Martian says:


  28. J - KUMA says:

    We love you Game Trailers, but these games are awful…. thanks for keeping us updated though.

  29. Aaron Enriquez Rivera says:

    Are you fucking seriously !?!!?

  30. Churlie says:

    Supercell better watch what they name shit……. Hal Laboratory might be knocking on their door soon

  31. Dante Mosavi says:

    Wtf is wrong with Youtube?

  32. TherapueticLiz says:

    Pls nerf

  33. Blipblobit says:

    what a shit trailer

  34. Yuukecchi says:

    why does that beginning sfx sound like overwatch

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