Chainsaw Chaps May Have Fatal Flaw -BEWARE!

Chainsaw chaps are highly effective in stopping a gas-powered saw. What happens when a modern cordless electric saw comes in contact with the strands?

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  1. 2 Stroke, Running and repair says:

    So it looks like as long as you keep the saw bogged in the chaps it should be fine. It was only continuing to run when you took the pressure off the chaps

  2. David Lovell says:

    Guday from Down Under,
    I completed my apprenticeship as an Arborist in 2006.
    Our trainers back then told us that chainsaw pants ( we all used Sthil) wouldn't stop an electric chainsaw. (no cordless saws back then).
    I always have and will use chainsaw pants when using a chainsaw.
    PPE is your last line of defense, and l am not keen to test it.
    PPE will never replace, training, common sense and good tradecraft.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. se032131 says:

    After a while chainsaw chaps AND paints wear out! They will NOT protect you forever!

  4. Michael Smith says:

    Being a welder I wear leather chaps. Wouldn't leather be a smarter choice than fricken plastic nylon?

  5. Travis bennett says:

    My heart breaks when he doesn't pull the Benchmade Osborne out of his pocket.

  6. Metube says:

    get rid of that puffy jacket

  7. Inkwellish says:

    Okay, I see the problem that people are talking about. That said, I feel like this is just a simple software+hardware fix. The manufactures of the electric saws need to add an accelerometer to the saw and a little bit of code to be able to sense this kind of event. When the computer in the saw sees a high current high acceleration event the motor immediately stops and the saw then needs to manually be reset. This isn't a hard problem to solve, and manufactures could easily do it without adding much cost.

  8. RTFMAce says:

    I was tagged by a skunk a few years ago and remembered a Mythbusters story about remedies. The one that they certified was created by a chemist, Paul Krebaum. I used it and it works amazingly well. Not sure if this link will work but – here you go.

  9. Brian Redfield says:

    Spyderco endura 4?

  10. Gary Brown Forging On says:

    Once our dog was hit by a skunk and Tomato juice was useless….

  11. a del says:

    what make knife do you carry? i like how easy it opens

  12. Tom Holley says:

    I have fallen with a chainsaw my first reaction is to throw it away from me and slow down limbing

  13. Nancy Sinclair says:

    This is a reply to my comment 'Water'. Thank you for your consideration about this dilema in an emergency situation.

  14. Amanda Todd says:

    I work for a larger construction company and that being said, they have a safety policy that when using any type of saw you have to wear chainsaw chaps. What my concern is I have to run a 14 inch concrete saw and I can’t find anyone who knows if it would stop that or not.

  15. Jeannie Buchholz says:

    I can't speak to tomato juice's effect on dogs, but it does work to a degree on humans; I don't think anything but time works completely. We used homemade canned tomato juice and I don't know if that made any difference or not. Regular soapy bath followed by the tomato juice pour over and repeated washcloth scrubbings followed by a final rinse of water and my brother was tolerable in the house. Good luck.

  16. bcperry15 says:

    You also need to be careful about how you cut wood because these electric saws can actually snap off teeth if you start the saw with the chain on the wood. Had it happen to a co-worker of mine, they're all torque

  17. William Kolis says:

    I nearly had that happen to me with one of those old black and decker grinders

  18. David Paquette says:

    Proven 3 time skunk remedy hydrogen peroxide + soda + soap its works. Cut my legs many times with saws before PPE must have.

  19. Ty Phipps says:

    I was cutting brush out of the way gas chainsaw was ideling and i kicked some brush out the way and hit the chain with my shin with blue jeans i had too get stitches very awakening experience just at idle

  20. Stanley Keith says:

    I have an Electric Pollen chain saw that does not have a chain brake. I use it for small stuff and trimming. I almost cut my hand one day when I slipped on a hill side. I was very lucky. The chain does not stop right away and I stopped myself from getting a very bad cut when I caught the tree branch and not the spinning chain.

  21. Jose Juarez says:

    I didn't know about chainsaw chaps until this video. I just ordered a pair for this autumn's work. Thank You for your continued education.

  22. Unit-13 FREMSLT says:

    Most of the chaps I've looked at say they won't work with electric chainsaws.

  23. Shane Souza says:

    Thanks for the testing. Gives us a real world performance test. I use the Stihl ProMarks and they are 9 layer instead of the standard 6. They are quite heavy and it makes me hot. I got them in the hiVis verson as we are on the sides of roads alot. I also chose them because we are usually bucking stems over 4ft thick and large saws are required. I find chainsaw pants a much better choice on in the tree and other work. However, keeping a pair of the less inexpensive chaps is just really convenient. Thanks again.

  24. Cooper says:

    Most people don't realize chaps need to be washed straight out of the box. If you had done that, you most likey would have gotten more of the fibers to come out and bound up the saw better

  25. Gregory Thomas says:

    Love the Mrs. W & Sweetloaf shot at the end with the "trying to get the jacket on the running kid" maneuver 🙂

  26. Bobby's Solar Homestead says:

    YALL IN NEED OF PRAYERS FOR A family member!! Thank you!! God Bless..

  27. raftgyde says:

    1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda, 1 Tablespoon Blue Dawn dish detergent. Use a rag to apply it to a dry dog. Don't wet the dog first. Let it stand on the dog for at least 5 minutes. Then wash the dog. The Dawn releases the oily spray from the pole cat. Then the peroxide can break it down . The baking soda helps deodorizes it. Be careful of the dog's eyes. Not perfect but you'll be able to let the dog in the house once it dries. Beats tomato juice by 100 to 1.

  28. savageadam314 says:

    I believe it has more to do with a gas saw is clutch driven to where an electric saw is direct drive. The fibers plug the saw so the clutch slips

  29. Eric Rogers says:

    How do you block this stupid channel

  30. Brian Nicholas says:

    Good video good idea 💡

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