CDC may have found vaping illness cause

​Investigators tested lung fluid samples from 29 patients in 10 states and found vitamin E acetate in all of them.

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  1. Maria Juana says:

    Lawsuits are coming💨😂😳😰🤢😵

  2. Kevin L says:

    Looks like the anti-Marijuana lobby just lost another bullshit claim.

  3. R M says:

    banning ecigs is more important than ebola guys comeon

  4. Martin Leonard says:

    Your B-roll footage is a click-bait scare tactic. You know this. 👎🏿

  5. Larry Alarcon says:

    CDC is moronic ,let's focus on acetates, in vaping not Marlboro and its addictive chemicals or kool brand, no let's ban vaping not cigarettes what the hell are our political people doing

  6. GeckoCkCkCk says:

    Vitamine E is a preservative for fats, like vegetable oils. Inhaling oils causes lipid pneumonia. In every SCUBA diving class students learn of this danger regrading breathing air contaminated with oil vapor.

  7. Tucker MacLellan says:

    Dont use b-roll of legal vapes. Misleading af

  8. BoiledRopeLampPosts says:

    Actual cigarettes kill worse

  9. Rocket Racer says:

    What is bootleg THC?

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