Cây Thuốc Chữa Bệnh Viêm Loét ĐẠI TRÀNG rất hay – Mr Tien.Medicinal


  1. OBSERVERS says:

    ang dahon ng bayabas ay napakayaman po ng vitamins C thanks a lot a sharing your video

  2. Mear Teabee says:

    Helpful video

  3. Thủy Đỗ Vlogs says:

    cám ơn bạn chia sẻ cây thuốc chữa bệnh viêm dạ dày

  4. Pinaylife In Aussie says:

    Guava leaves there’s a lot of benefits also thanks

  5. Orjane Cristobal says:

    This is very helpful to those people who sick medicinal plant guava leaf

  6. jubjub ontour naudom จุ๊บจุ๊บ says:


  7. European Food channel says:

    great video given full watch time to your video
    Big Like LK,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    su,b,,,,,,,,,,,,support,,,,,,,,,,,i am noe new friend of your channel ,,,,thanks friend

  8. Jolly Manalo says:

    thank you for sharing Mr. Tien

  9. The Hangry Mole says:

    great ideas friend!

  10. It’s Aila says:

    This is very helpful

  11. Kenzy Mask says:

    Guava has a lot of usage.

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