Cashin: China may have the weaker hand in trade negotiations

Art Cashin, UBS director of floor operations, joins “Squawk on the Street” ahead of the market open to discuss U.S.-China trade, the Fed and more.


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  1. 速龍 says:

    thats what they said too in the korean war

  2. Albert Moore says:

    Cashin is right.

  3. grimm reaper says:

    US companies' sales in China net $250B in 2018. did Trump actually say he wants those companies to leave china? companies from other countries would more than happy to fill the void.

  4. grimm reaper says:

    I do not hear or see it reported on corporate media. china signed a deal with Iran for $400B. of which, $280B is for oil, gas, and petroleum sector development. the other $120B is for infrastructure and manufacturing sector. the takeaway is china isn't looking for US China deal any longer and they have moved on. MSM is not reporting it for their own reason. but WH is aware of it. why keep up the charade?

    the world isn't going to end if there's a decoupling/separation of US China trade. be honest, is it about trade?

  5. netrubbish says:

    Did the old guy fart during the interview ?

  6. Writing Board says:

    If the headline reads, "Becky is willing to take a partial deal with Darren," who's the desperate one? Who's offering the deal? Darren duh?!

  7. Writing Board says:

    This old fart is just farting away again. Food shortage in China? Really? OK, when America sees an outbreak of mad cow disease or avian flu, we can equate that to food shortage. Nice use of rhetoric. China produces and imports more food than it needs, just as Canada and America does.

  8. Agrigator says:

    The Chinaman only knows the stick. Any Carrots (Concessions to China) are simply viewed as weakness. We must literally starve the Chinaman before he ever comes to the table with any real or meaningful trade concessions!

  9. 台灣女王蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen:我是你永遠得不到的新鮮小可愛Lmao says:

    I think you are wrong. We are not strong, we are not weak. China will not agree to an agreement that is only favorable to the United States.

  10. Jeff Green says:

    I don't agree. Trump has the weaker hand. If he doesn't stave off a recession, he risks not getting re-elected. Also, China would rather go down with the ship than cave into Trump. They are a proud country.

  11. Nicholas Labowitz says:

    He’s old as dirt but his mind is still sharp as a pen!

  12. Lawrence Sullivan says:

    "tea leaves"?? drop the old ethnic nonsense and talk about China with some level of respect and not 19th century verbiage.

  13. Mark walker says:

    it is pinching ,ask the farmers in america oh and by the way art if no trade war ,the farmers would of done better on hogs because china had that disease in their herds get your facts straight and wouldnt the farmers want to feed all those people and make money at the same time

  14. Roro says:

    of course, because the trade way is not China's call. They are passive. Why you assume they should have a strong hand. funny.

  15. omnia resipsaloquitor says:

    we defeated the nazis for art cashin

  16. Mark walker says:

    america is the aggressor in every act why im trying to figure this out. art, how would you know take a trip to china and find out whats really going on instead of talking pure bs.

  17. foot ball says:

    American keep saying that the Chinese will blink , however 18 months had past when the trade war started and there no sign of them blinking yet..Remember a few months ago President Xi had said on the speech telling the people in China to prepare for the " long March " and I guess many American does not understand the meaning of it…The Chinese are ready to fight a long bloody battle regardless who the President of USA with or without Trump and they are very clear this is not about trade deceit or AP theft but it's US policy to counter against China raise … As the Chinese know very well that the American will not stop the nonsense even though they give in this time and the American will be coming back for more the next time and that's no end to it..US have overestimated themselves thinking that using the same tactics which were very successfully during the US -Japan trade war in the 1970's will work against China , unfortunately it didn't work because the Chinese economy were much bigger than the Japanese then and their export compare to the Japanese were much more diversified …There is no such thing as America first and US -China must work together which benefit everybody..

  18. Michael McBride says:

    American consumers don't see any change in prices despite corporate media propaganda. Chinese consumers see price changes from the tax policy changes and worry about hyperinflation.

  19. Edward Wojcik says:

    China controls all the production and manufacturing. They have the only hand…

  20. ee eee says:

    Chinese keep leaking this info to public (soybean farmers). If no deal, they think soybean farmers are not going to vote for Trump again.

  21. Wayne Glass says:

    China has played Trump for a fool. This is round 13. It's like marriage counseling. You keep going over the same things and nothing ever gets resolved. All the positive hype is to keep the market from tanking!

  22. Louis Liu says:

    You really underestimate the capacity Chinese people have.

  23. No offense but says:

    May have may not have hope it has hope not CRASHHHHH

  24. Jane Doe says:

    Trade negotiation is the feint, the attackings are in elsewhere, USA probably needs to learn "Sun Tzu" to win CCP. when you are thinking decoupling, CCP already had thought about it ten years ago and they were thinking new global currency and army for the half of the world while corrupting you, one thing for sure, CCP wants to end USA from the bottom of its heart, "they" mean it from the beginning, but hundreds-years-old USA is too comfortable now to believe it will be ended by a 70-years-old. But for Sun Tzu it's not a problem. The time gap between the first strike and the second strike is 7 years, watch out for the last one.

  25. Jason Collins says:

    Not much confidence your ‘expert’ insights into Chinese economic policy behavior if you don’t even know how their leader’s name is pronounced. At least brief your talking heads before you put them on the panel CNBC.

  26. Anon says:

    I’d put money on this guy looking foolish in the near future

  27. Roman Chan says:

    Absolutely right, so China keep waiting until having stronger hand before any trade deal made

  28. IMA RUSSIAN says:

    is art cashout now realizing that china as it's te&t in a wringer?

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