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  1. Love the Japanese people, however, sounds very much like a return (or maybe it just never went away?) of the early to 1940s Japanese quasi-business/government domination, oppression and/or dictatorship. Without regurgitating what has already been posited and without a great deal of diatribe, very reminiscent of the old Japanese insistence on total Japanese control of Japanese companies (although also included are major U.S. and international major automotive multi-billionaire investors in suspicions of attempting to thwart Ghosn's amazing leadership and meteoric international rise).

    Sounds very much like a great deal of vexation on behalf of Japanese industry leaders over a non-Japanese executive's previous accomplishments, success (for everyone involved), most probably, as evidenced by:
    • Fortune (Asian edition, with Asian analysts, reporters, editors, etc) Asia Businessman of the Year
    • Named 10 most powerful people in business outside the U.S. (by Fortune as well)
    • celebrity status in Japan
    • eliminated Nissan's keiretsu system (good 'ole boy, "let me treat you to some great some nice vacations, great booze and some real hotties")
    • changed Nissan's official company language from Japanese to English
    • Nissan's consolidated net profit after tax of $2.7 billion for fiscal 2000, with a consolidated net loss of $6.46 billion the previous year
    • Nissan's net automotive debt eliminated fiscal 2002
    • and, conversely, Ghosn committed to building at least 1 million of Nissan's cars and trucks in Japan annually (emph: IN Japan…that's loyalty to the Japanese!)
    …and the list goes on. So, I can hear the sequestered, behind sound-proof walls and doors discussions with Japanese executives pressuring Japanese government officials, "We can't have this. A non-Japanese executive invoking confidence, inspiring optimism, showing this much, or ANY, control over Japanese industry. Now here's our plan."

    Doubtful that the Japanese government was singularly inspired to hunt Ghosn down without a great deal of pressure from Japanese industry leaders. Yup, we can say that we have the same issues in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Italy, South America, Canada, etc., etc., etc. however, as one close Persian immigrant friend and highly successful businessman once said, "(We) take (our) freedom, rights and (our) country for granted." Just by very our nature, a nation built on a very diverse immigrant background, the rebel spirit inspired by that immigrant-based structure just does not offer a warm breeding ground for total, outright oppressive control without a great deal of exposure and resistance.

    Outstanding video. Thanks for taking the time to share your personal views Carlos Ghosn.

  2. This type of crap backstabbing always happens because of some people that want to keep their jobs or have fear that they’re going to lose theirs or their lifestyle or status, they will look at you with attention and try to kick you out by talking bad about you or blowing things out of proportions and it happens at all levels.

    It always happen to hardworking people that want to change things around. It happens to Ghosn, to me, to Trump, and many many people around the world.

  3. 決してカルロスゴーンは擁護しない。

  4. After 3 months of this video, Nissan reported 98.5% plunging 1st quarter profit. It was a big mistake for Nissan to let Ghosn go. Now no one here is going to protect corporate value and shareholders' interest. It is very sad.

  5. So, 20 years working for Japanese Company, and you still need subtitle to deliver your message?? 20年わたって、少しでも日本語喋れないんですか??
    You say you love Japan and Nissan but it seems like mere words… Please convince us better…

  6. People still defending this thief like he is some sort of saviour or martyr. Charles de Gaulle once said "The Graveyards Are Full of Indispensable Men". The spirit of the Japanese people is like no other. They are capable to overcome any challenge; 2 atomic bombs, mega earthquakes, mega tsunamis, etc.. Trust me Nissan is going to be just fine without this white collar criminal.

  7. Dear mr gosson, I believe you are innocent and what you made to renault and nissan was a great jump from one level to another new level with full of success and giving a great image for the two companies .

  8. Renault and Carlos Ghosn spent nearly 20 years to rescue Nissan and brought it to the Top. Just after 6 months without a leader, Nissan is gone backward a decade. Give it another 6 months without a proper leader, it will go back another decade to the year 1999 when it was in debt and going bankrupt.

    Just when the proud Japanese executives, Japanese prosecutors and Japanese media are happy about scoring Ghosn, hoping to get back $80 million, Nissan has lost over $35 billion in company value. The company also lost $3.9 billion in net profit this year. The government has lost $1.5 billion in tax revenue. We will see Karma to the backstabbers at Nissan. Hiroto Saikawa (new CEO), Hari Nadar (new Nissan lawyer) and others will have their heads on chopping block for mishandling Nissan internal affairs.

    Right now, shareholders are wishing and hoping if someone could just take $100 million so he can bring back $3 billion in profits. But it is too late, Ghosn hasn't got another 20 years of active working life.

    The new management will drive Nissan out of business and will get bailed out again, may be this time by a car company in China. Has this been their hidden plan all along?

  9. En France t'aurais eu le tapis rouge .en France tu serais a l'aise ,en familles .au Japon ils aiment pas Ali Carlos , et les 40 v

  10. j'aime cette homme, il me rappelle mes Héros légendaire
    dieu est avec vous carlos
    chaque fois j'ai envie de l'entendre , il demontre que le system des puissance est en écroulement

  11. I'm certain Ghosn is innocent. All of these are plots to take the Nissan back from Non-Japanese management. Japanese are xenophobic (Not all of them). I hope Ghosn can take this case to International Court of Justice. Japan needs to learn about human rights.

  12. He is just a liar. He stole money from the company through his and his wife's private companies to buy his boat, etc. Japanese people will not be deceived by this at all. He was cheating tax by let Nissan buy a house for him, and had has houses in different countries (Brazil, Japan, Holland, France, etc.).
    Carlos, just admit what you did, and go to jail.

  13. Dearest Carlos Ghosn
    there are no questions to ask really except that we were so worried about your health
    that we were and still are anxious to know the details on how you were treated in that
    horrible horrible place by those criminal Savages and the Nightmare you went through
    mentally and physically! People have revealed who they are Not who You are! Nobody
    deserves your honesty and kindness compassion attention and precious time! Thanks
    God you have a wonderful warm and caring Family who adores you!!!! Blessssss You
    we are allllllll with you Carlos! 🌼🌼🌼🌼 💜💜💜💜💜🌼🌼🌼🌼

  14. Nothing beats powerful Prayers. We shall Pray so hard day and night
    to defend Truth Justice and Righteousness. Carlos Ghosn stay Strong
    and Brave, God loves you, He's with you and your entire lovely Family!!!!
    Blessssssssss You 💜💜💜 💚💚💚 🙏 🙏 🙏🙏 🙏 💜💜💜 💚💚💚

  15. A speech full of dignity and wisdom. I truly regret his absence as chief executive. Hopefully the truth will triumph in the near future.

  16. Ghosn tu est la honte de l'espèce humaine. Tu est l'embleme de la connerie, de la cupidité, de l'avarice. J'espère que tu finira en taule, car là est ta place.

  17. Unfortunately for him, JAPAN is not FRANCE, 
    like the French elite, they're never EVER 
    hold accountable of their abuse of power let alone corruption.

  18. he wanted renault to take total control of nissan when the performance of the company (nissan) dipped. Ghosn only cares about numbers. The ones who took the action against him, cared about the independence and the japanese ownership and values to not be lost; because their attachment to nissan and japan is far deep rooted than that of what ghosn is trying to portray for himself.

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