Cardinals at Diamondbacks | MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube

Live from Chase Field in Phoenix, watch the D-backs take on the St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday, September 25 at 3:30 PM ET, 12:30 PM PT on YouTube.

Cardinals vs. D-backs Pregame Show: 00:05:06
Cardinals vs. D-backs Game: 00:35:06
Cardinals vs. D-backs Postgame Show: 04:38:56

The MLB Game of the Week Live on YouTube brings live baseball to YouTube! Watch select live games every week of the regular season. Stream the games for free across all your favorite devices on the MLB YouTube channel.

Cardinals YouTube channel:
D-backs YouTube channel:
Cut4 YouTube channel:

This game will feature a live chat featuring MLB, Cardinals, D-backs and YouTube creators!

See below for info on the YouTube creators:
Austin Kleschka:
Benny No:
Dawson Wright:
FivePoints Vids:
Made The Cut:
Mighty Goat:
Movie Gaming TV:
Sports Gamers Online:
Sports Gaming Universe:
The Fumble:


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  1. Fear Knight says:

    I am 9 and went to 11 Cards games!

  2. Fear Knight says:

    I’m a big fan!!!

  3. Matthew Smith says:

    My favorite team is the cardinals 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 my favorite player is Tommy edman

  4. Kingsears 99 says:

    The music at the start is awesome

  5. Natsu Tokurassara says:

    Why it doesnt update the week stream anymore :(( Im looking forward it Dx

  6. Lleyton Weaver says:

    will the playoff games be streamed kn youtube…

  7. matt henderson says:

    Heidi is so incredibly beautiful! What a legend! She loves baseball, is brilliant, and seems like she has an amazing personality to go with it all. Call me a perv or whatever—don’t care. Yes, she’s married. I’m not hitting on her. I don’t know her. Will never know her. Just giving her a compliment.
    Edit: Fine! I’m in love! Being an injured vet and her being married to a successful person when I had to relearn to walk and deal with severe nerve injury I know… can be in love from afar! Lol. Don’t think she’d dig my limp or cane when I need it.

  8. Kayflower • says:

    I don’t like Baseball but my crush does…I’m trying to look more into it

  9. Ritchie Navarro says:


  10. Edgewater Channel says:

    I'm surprise YouTube didnt crash in yesterday's almost 7 hours game

  11. Ritchie Navarro says:

    I wish all major league baseball games return to beoadcast television in the future full-time so baseball viewers don't have to pay for cable and satellite television.

  12. JB 123 says:

    Breakdown of American League wildcard

  13. Gaz Woods says:

    I’ve not seen much baseball so could i ask a question please anyone, why and what are the stripes under there eyes for anyone???? 🇬🇧

  14. i CnJSoldiers says:

    When does Goldy hit it

  15. WorkHardGainBig says:

    You never live the best game like astros and mariners come on

  16. Yarini says:

    Another losing season

  17. Keith Sweet says:

    Not many comments ..

  18. Alittlebitnuts2day says:

    Do I hear someone choking, wait a minute, it's coming out of the Cardinals locker room!

  19. Skank Hunt42 says:

    Next year you need to let everyone chat during the games and just have it set to a slow pace so it doesn’t get out of hand. Not sure why you thought we’d be so interested in what these dumb youtubers have to say with their phony comments

  20. Skank Hunt42 says:

    The dirty birds pitching has been terrible for a week now and the Brewers are coming they can still win the division. This isn’t a good way to go into the playoffs

  21. Jonathan Ames says:

    The "we'll do better next year" cliche interview hype is much less interesting than the game itself. Sad to have to watch with no volume, but it's come to that (bye).

  22. cardsblues219 says:

    cardinals benched all their starters this game and it might cost them the division.

  23. Jonathan Ames says:

    Any possibility of the announcers allowing the meditative silence which is part of baseball? At least tracking the game at hand, without all the annoying 'broadcast banter'? The producer should watch Vin Scully, Ron Darling/Keith Hernandez. Leave the dugout boundary alone, instead of mandatory giggling?

  24. Matthew says:

    last youtube game of the season, was a good one

  25. Odins Daughter says:


  26. Green wall Tree says:

    I was wacthing this from front to end what a fucing game it was

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