Can not connect TEAM EXTREME Minecraft Server – Must Watch – L2PMcraft

Can not connect TEAM EXTREME Minecraft Server – Must Watch

Reasons why can not connection Team Extreme server:

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  1. Riptide_ The_Guy says:

    If I had to choose between the American victory and TE, I would choose TE.

  2. Thwaiba Yousef says:

    if anyone need to play te join this server

  3. Eddie Sumook says:

    Ph here

  4. Dani Gamer says:

    yo soy
    español y jugaba en ese server, habian muchos hackes pero fue el primer servidor que habia jugado … que pena que haya cerrado :c

  5. ridagamez 359 says:

    Why they closed the server :(? it was the best server

  6. Khmairooch says:

    0:13 found a secret

  7. aliyapalsu28 says:

    I miss this server so much i want cry

  8. Seth Airey-Granger says:

    why doesn't it work? @banana

  9. Banana says:

    It's gone forever…

  10. Kofuku- Chan ღ says:

    The server is closed 🙁

  11. Jane graf says:

    Minecraft y r you DOING this

  12. Akram Game says:

    i know is happening me too

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