BUYING THE MEGA KNIGHT! • Clash Royale Guaranteed Mega Knight


  1. Benjamin Clapper says:

    the bottom lane………

  2. Rosyid Ansorri says:

    The real pay to win game

  3. Rosyid Ansorri says:

    "Pay to win "

  4. The Goat Crabapple says:

    I got one in a crown chest

  5. AJ Rodriguez says:

    The mega knight was my first legendary I got it 10 minutes ago🤣🤣

  6. xd_ BOT says:


  7. ItsCX says:

    I have him lvl 10

  8. Keagan Van Duzer says:

    I just got mega knight from a legendary kings chest yesterday

  9. Elemental Phoenix says:

    X9=more of a chance getting the mega knight

  10. Jacob Yoensky says:

    10:20 just like the Crown Duel challenge (which later became the draft challenge) came to be from MOLT’s channel, do you guys think the emote with the Dark Prince getting hit by arrows came from this moment

  11. D Reconic says:

    yeah no shit that lvl 10 had max cards wym

  12. Aaro H14 says:

    15:35 you have a fireball why zap?

  13. Samuel McKinney says:

    Your stupid it means your chance goes up by 9%

  14. sasoblaze says:

    lollll now i get log, golden chestt, when i watch u XD

  15. Thinking Virus says:

    No one has commented in 1 month😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Gabrielll_ _ says:

    No one is good with pumps

  17. beast of cayon says:

    Molt is a dumb ass

  18. Milano Greco says:


  19. Stud says:

    Use guards for hog

  20. Pilot says:

    Wait a second…

  21. ·RichMøønlight· says:

    X9 ment you get 9% chance of getting it

  22. Andrew Grish says:

    the X9 means it 9 times better to get the mega knight than the original %

  23. Life is Sports says:


  24. ZuZu says:

    Maybe u can use a deck with
    :mini pekka: minion horde: electro wiz: goblin barrel: skeleton army: spear goblin: valkyrie: normal wiz

  25. Yasmin Rahman says:

    If you used the fireball on the tower you would’ve won

  26. Dee NICE says:


  27. Unicorn YT says:

    Dude molt you obviously paid to play to get good there's no way anyone free to play get be in legendary arena, I'm a free to play player and I started clash ever since it came out so I'm still in arena 10

  28. sam Nielson says:

    You have a *9% chance to get it

  29. Dalton Cullen says:

    X9 =9/10 times you will get one

  30. Adam Decker says:

    Can you shout out my new clash channle plz

  31. Salahuddin Siddiqui says:

    What's your face cam called

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