An attorney has told TYT that he may be sending Buttigieg a subpoena soon. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

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“An attorney for the South Bend Common Council told The Young Turks he may subpoena witnesses — possibly including Mayor Pete Buttigieg — starting as early as next week, to testify about police issues including Buttigieg’s demotion of Darryl Boykins, the city’s first black police chief.

Buttigieg demoted Boykins and fired civilian police staffer Karen DePaepe in 2012 for their handling of recorded police phone calls, some of which DePaepe transferred to cassette tapes. The tapes have been one of South Bend’s biggest mysteries and controversies ever since.

The Council has for years pursued a lawsuit to force the tapes’ release. TYT reported last month that, in city legal documents, DePaepe describes white police officers on the tapes discussing using Buttigieg’s 2011 campaign donors to get him to remove Boykins. The donors told TYT they deny knowledge of any such plan.

DePaepe also wrote that officers spoke in ebonics and said, “It’s going to be a fun time when all white people are in charge.”

Attorney Bob Palmer, who represents the Council in its suit, said on Tuesday that he planned to present the subpoena option to the Council during a closed-door meeting Wednesday afternoon. Those executive-session meetings are secret by law, but for the Council to tell Palmer not to issue subpoenas, or order the suit dropped entirely, would require a vote at an open meeting. The next open meeting is Monday.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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29 thoughts on “Buttigieg May Face Subpoena

  1. Cenk I really appreciate your comments defending the Kurds here. As a Kurd it is admire-able how unbiased you are even though you’re Turkish. Lots of respect to you and Ana

  2. The real question here is who is higher up on the Leftie woke victim scale, a gay white male or a black police officer.

  3. The significance of the DOJ's move from an investigation of the coup against Trump into a criminal investigation, is that it gives John Durham the power to subpoena witnesses, empanel Grand Juries and file charges. Time for the Demonrats to start squealing on each other. TRUMP 2020.

  4. Cenk and Ana were always in lockstep with the DNC/MSM narrative. Theres no way they will avoid doing time.

  5. The young turks love taking their children to drag queen story time to have convicted paedophiles like Albert Alfonso Garza teach them there’s no such thing as boys and girls.

  6. Naomi Klein is fine, but who can we credit for Cenk's "TicTicTic" line? I'm sure it was Ana because she loves it so much. ;p

  7. One good thing about TYT, at least we know we will never have to suffer through those annoying deodorant commercials that keep popping up on the other channels.

  8. Have The Turds reported on that Demorat trollop congresswoman Katie Hill's inappropiate relationships with 2 younger subordinates? Thought not.

  9. Has the left ever apologize for their constant praise of the USSR in the 80's and then they all went radio silent when i collapsed and now they say ohhh that was not REAL socialism

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