Busted Funny moments


  1. TheApa2aje says:

    6:39 wait a moment. Kwangsoo snapped a selfie in a landscape mode. But appear as portrait mode.

  2. Annie Ramelo says:

    I dont hear their voices clearly because the background music is too loud….but I hear it a lil

  3. Molly Kate Toombs says:

    Need Busted Season 3!

  4. Avhie Padua says:

    I miss Kwang Soo

  5. ᄏᄏᄏ바나 다룸피낫 says:

    Jongmin and detective ahn always makes me laugh 🤣

  6. dread says:

    What is bgm when ahn jae wook make a mistake?

  7. Kay says:

    Y'all we finally got a season two

  8. Can you shut up? says:

    fucking annoying bgm stupid video

  9. Arvin Fung says:

    Annoying backsound

  10. Lany Salcedo says:


  11. YanYan Palab says:

    I've completed season 2 in just 2 days hahaha

  12. YanYan Palab says:

    I'm done watching season 1 and season 2 ahhh now i want season 3. wishing Netflix would renew so that there will be season 3.

  13. A A says:

    I have one question, who is the actress for the magic girl in the first episode? Serious question.

  14. akura mlya says:

    U can see sehun manner hand at 11:06 😃

  15. benni says:

    The maze- treasure chest was one of the best… I died from laughter my tommy still aches i can't breathe

  16. green aghase says:

    The man at 9:34 i thought hes sehun…the way they smile is even same how's that even possible

  17. b m says:

    I was going to watch Busted, I surely was at some point because of a lot of reasons. But after this video, it's on my priority list. I'm so totally going to watch it as soon as possible. I was laughing all through the video. Specially because I'm already aware of how Jae-suk, Kwang-soo and Jongmin so I get all their jokes and habits. And I'd love to see some of the guests and Sehun's take on the show.

  18. Gretel says:

    Most of the funny moments was because of Kwang Soo, and now that he was no longer part of season 2 i'm a bit sad

  19. Rahul Misal says:

    Sehun..most handsome person in world

  20. Battuvshin1 says:

    Shitty music ruined it

  21. MyMagic LouLou says:

    I bet next busted show will be ripping out muscles and another hospital visits cos too much extreme fatigue. I like it though lol

  22. M.H.D DYNYEL says:

    Useless content

  23. marifehoy says:

    Min young your cute and funny I’m always like you and support you 😘❤️ all you, did a great team work 👏👏👏👏👏

  24. hey hey says:

    Last ep are the best😂😂😂😂 the book page part srsly funny! I can't stop laughing! Can't wait for the season 2!!!

  25. Hafiez Hakimie says:

    No kwangsoo for season 2,, really sad

  26. arboreea says:

    #KimJongmin: witty, sweet and funny <3

  27. Suka Layan Youtube says:

    annoying background music, louder than the voice

  28. MissChellow says:

    90% funny moment are from Kwang Soo. How can I watch Season 2 without him 😭😭

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