BTH 19 | ‘Howdy, Modi’: What’s Good for Modi May Not Be Good for India

There are two aspects to Narendra Modi’s extraordinary rally in Houston on Sunday and we need to consider both in assessing the event’s real significance.

Modi is leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party and there was a clear party political dimension to the rally and the speeches he delivered there. But he is also the Prime Minister of India, and thus the event had a definite diplomatic and strategic dimension as far as the country and its relationship with the United States is concerned.

In this episode of Beyond the Headlines, Siddharth Varadarajan analyses both these dimensions and ask whether what Modi said and did at Houston will (i) help India and the Indian diaspora in the United States, (ii) have no lasting impact, or, worst of all, (iii) create problems for India that we will have to deal with in the future.

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  1. manisha ra says:

    India get nothing….. With this wastage of money 😡😡

  2. Shaji K says:

    Rest of India is not interested in people suffering in Kashmir or Assam

  3. AddyRockUrWorld says:

    Looks like u have a different agenda like Republic tv…
    Why can't u just stick to news presenter rather than news makers..that's not ur job.
    Selection of news anchors in ur channel are of similar breed and always tone in anti everything..
    is there anything u guys in favour of except disruption and anti establishment..

    U guys don't even know how to respect the peoples mandate before and after election.

    Learn something from NDTV. Only source of true news for people in our country.

    Somebody someday must punish u for ur hatered towards country

  4. Retheesh chandran says:

    Burnol lagale commie

  5. Manoj Joshi says:

    When was India doing well in past as per the wire ?will it be good in the Congress regime or leftist regime as per you? I am not from RSS but I ask one thing to these journalists, is the mind set of Congress and Simi is good? is 370 correct ? What do you want to do Kashmir where people are sheltering and protecting 2 terrorist?

  6. Nasreen Syed says:

    Excellent analysis of hypocrite Modi…

  7. Helen Dhanaraj says:

    Excellent reporting gives all the details needed to understand howdy mody show.brazen claims and narcissan praise. All is well in India do the NRIS know what's happening to their countrymen and does Trump know what's the governance like and the condition of millions of impoverished Indians?very sorry state of affairs indeed

  8. Narendra Anuragi says:

    tu Pakistan ka kutta hai

  9. Afsar Pasha says:

    Please Kashmir me Kya hora hai Kya bhuke marrahen hai log ya Sena ke Kuch log bachion par hat dalre hai please open clearly report deshko do apse hi ummid hai

  10. Bhushan Sawant says:

    Karma is bitch modi yad rakho

  11. Anand Mohan says:

    Sir you have correctly explained but now there is no chance in india. One party or ,may be, one person rule may be a norm for next 10-15 years. All honest voices are going to be crushed under the weight of nationalism , all fault of Nehru thesis


    Era of tyrants ruling nations for their dominance survival & personal gain

  13. Akhil Bhargava Ramisetti says:

    You libtards can't do jack shit. Pathetic lives and a complete burden for the society 🤪

  14. Om Prakash Mandal says:

    वायर का एंकर सब चूतिया ही है।

  15. RAVI KUMAR says:

    Wire ass is burning as always ☺☺☺☺

  16. Shivananda Bc says:


  17. Gaurav Kisan says:

    You guys are sick.

  18. Sneha Sharma says:

    U idot repoter …..have single issue …cut of internet….it's ovebuise people in Kashmir facing problem these days …nd wt about problem they facing when Kashmir is under article 370 …… there really peace that tym….. stupid….

  19. london uanty Khan says:

    good sir. i salute you

  20. london uanty Khan says:

    EVM se aaye Modi ji.

  21. Shivji Gupta says:

    किसी लोकतान्त्रिक देश के आम चुनाव को प्रभावित करने की कोशिश करना अनैतिक एवं गैर जिम्मेदाराना हरक़त है।
    Not good for India.

  22. R B says:

    Journalist kam aur bhavisya vakta zaada hai aap

  23. Birendra Kumar Pandey says:

    Statement of Modi Will distroiy India . He. Is enemy of India .not fit for PM .In next Election Donald Trump will not elected ,then what Modi will do asking vote for Trump .World are laughing at the bewakufi of Modi .
    ,!! Jaisachidanand jee. !!

  24. Hunt Slither says:

    Sulag rahi hai jihadi agent ki

  25. Rohit Sharma says:

    This is what happen to country like India in which the bulk of the people are uneducated. Education is the most important hidden wealth of the country. Because if the people couldn't figure out what is right or wrong, they likely to be swept away by chicanery and carefully drafted speeches. Education gives that power to people, without it we are essentially children who are being manipulated by adults.

  26. Mah Shehryar says:

    Now, India is no more a secular country nor any democracy exist there…
    Kashmiri's are suffering and so does other minorities in India.
    Cow lynching is so common.

  27. Goodluck Guy says:

    You are 100% correct, but who listen to you.

  28. Chaitanya Mahajan says:

    chup baith chutiye

  29. Rohit Sharma says:

    It's hard to reconcile with the other aspect of people's psychology. On one hand they value the good attributes like truth and honesty, and other times they don't hesitate to dignify person like Genghis khan, Hitler, Modi.

  30. keram nadu says:

    Modi change to India more correpted dicteted.First effected very poor nov on middle class.only hindutva agenda can overcome this besic issues?

  31. Rup Chattopadhyay says:


  32. Aharar Uddin says:

    Excellent analysis…..👌👌

  33. Farhat Ara says:

    Gala event management 😂😂

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