Brian May and Zoe Ball talk Diableries 25 October 2019


Brian May visited BBC Radio 2 studios and was a guest of Zoe Ball on her Breakfast Show at about 8.30am. They talked about the new Complete Edition of “Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell” book, published just in time for Halloween, and the spooky 3-D exhibition taking place Monday 28 October 2019 at The Century Club, Shaftesbury Avenue, London – from 11am-4pm – admission FREE. No need to book.



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  1. Gigs strong says:

    I want to meet brian may in person…haist but how

  2. tori2dles says:

    I want a stereoscope now.

  3. Donnalea Spencer says:!

  4. capitan von chicken pants says:

    I've bought his red special book and guitar…. He must be doing pretty well for himself

  5. Kearon O'Brien says:

    Wonderful too hear your voices 🤗

  6. James Marsdon says:

    Doing the 1812 with Brian on guitar ????? I can't wait to hear that !!!!

  7. Erika Cruz says:

    Great Interview! I love you Bri & Take care Always xoxo 💗🤗😘

  8. Linda De Graaf says:

    Only Brian May…only the 'Diableries'…only ONE 'HELL' of a DEVILISH experience!!! Simply cannot wait!!!

  9. Janine Bozeman says:

    I just bought Brian's 3D Queen book and it has the stereoscopic photos that I believe he's talking about here but of course of the band! It is a stunning book; the photos are beautiful. The element of depth is really quite amazing.

  10. Ramona Holden says:

    I am going to order Queen in 3D with my Christmas money. I adore you! Such a kind man that does so much good in the world. Saw you, Roger, and Adam in Dallas this year. It was the BEST concert that I have ever attended. Been a Queen fan since the 9th grade. I am 54 now, so for a long time. America still loves Queen, and I loved the video to I Want To Break Free!

  11. Damjana Marn Krajnc says:

    Wow, didn't know that you were collecting all those old cards and reissuing them in a new book, which is amazing – I thought that you were just issuing a book with an old theme… Completing a collection more than a 100 years old is just amazing! Well done!

  12. Michelle Tammy Denney says:

    Brian May, I just love you!!!

  13. Felichia Ritter says:

    Dr. May I love the fact you're a very educated person! Aloha 💖💖💖💖

  14. sheerqueencat says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!! I wasn't sure I could find it here in the U.S. Love you!!! Love your voice!

  15. Rosetta Mania says:

    I love you Brian May💖💖💖💖

  16. SoCalledVic says:


  17. Cheri Sentivany says:

    Thank you for posting this! ❤

  18. Nancy Greene says:


  19. Yo soy Nati says:

    Love you Bri ❤

  20. Mania_ Queen says:

    0 views 0 likes

    Wow I'm the first here :p

  21. Mia Mercury says:

    First!!💕💕💕 I love u Brian ❤️❤️

  22. Kathryn Smart says:

    ♥️♥️♥️ love x

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