As MPs opposed to a No Deal Brexit prepare to try and thwart it in Parliament, the government has launched a £100 million advertising campaign, urging people to “Get Ready for Brexit”. (Subscribe:

But with just 60 days until the October the 31st deadline, the Minister in charge of No Deal planning today said that some food prices could rise after we leave the EU.
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32 thoughts on “Brexit: Government may ignore legislation to stop No-deal says Gove

  1. You will starve, die from lack of medicines, have enormous mobile roaming charges, have a frightened Bulgarian nanny and worry about your cottage in the Dordogne – all because those ignorant olde NAZIS voted LEAVE.

  2. Taking no deal off the table is like going to a Ferrari dealer with a grand wanting to buy a car worth 1m u gonna get laughed at

  3. Lies, over and over Cameron explained, if No Deal , we leave on WTO! They lie so much about No Deal not being mentioned. It was many many times.

  4. As an EU citizen I fear for the UK and the EU. No-deal will hurt everybody but I will blame the UK! How can we make a deal with you guys if you can't decide what you want? I just want it over with. Which is a stupid thing to say because deal or not we will still be stuck re-negotiating everything.

  5. Look, if brits wanna do something stupid, just let them and If it causes them to not have tomatoes for a day or two just deal with the consequences of their actions. Am I wrong?

  6. No deal was ever mentioned??????? every single player in the referendum said clearly that if we could not reach a deal then we WOULD LEAVE WITHOUT A DEAL. Which part of that did she not understand!!!!! I am sick of these lying remoaners.

  7. So the government can ignore legislation and therefore not obligate prevent no-deal brexit by not giving royal assent. So its up to the Queen, choose parliament over publics vote or the other way.
    Interesting which side the Queen is going to decide.

  8. well if the nazi's can ignore a democratic referendum and just do as they wish. then what is the problem if the other side ignore them ….

  9. What is that woman wearing on her head? It looks like a tea towel. Could she not have dried her hair before presenting a news programme?

  10. For God sake Brexit now and get it over with. Ireland has Angela Merkel "negotiating" on our behalf, so please don't imagine what the EU does is in our interests. Ireland will sort out our own problems.

  11. The best possible outcome would that the EU says “We are through dealing with you. You are out on the first of November.” regardless of what happens in the UK government.

  12. To Deal or not To Deal! That is the question?

    Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of the loony liberal lefties or to charge on, come what may, to stop all this 'Bullscheit and Boulaques' foisted on us by un-elected bureaucrats that have a vested interest in keeping their salaries and pension-plans intact! Hhhmmmm!

  13. The Commons rejected a general election and demanded that the PM ask for an extension. Johnson has said there are no circumstances in which he would do that. So what are the consequencs if he disregards the instruction from the Commons?

  14. So it’s an outrage that the PM is fighting with the House of Commons, yet they won’t vote “no confidence”? That doesn’t make much sense.

  15. I think there should be a vote on whether to leave the EU with or without a deal, But the vote for whether to leave or not has already been voted on and decided.

  16. "Democracy"what a joke! now is the time for the British people to do what the taxpayers in Hong kong are doing, of all the laws, show me the one that prevents lying! it's like an asylum being run by the inmates.

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