Breath of the Wild: Talkin' Christian Bale – PART 62 – Game Grumps


  1. LycanLink says:

    I may quote Christian Bale's rant, but I don't really feel like watching it. I don't enjoy watching people being violent, verbally or physically. If it's scripted, like in a movie, show, or game, whatever, but never actual, non-scripted violence. But then again, pro wrestling is scripted (I think), and I hate that too, lol. I also hate when people try to show me people hurting themselves, either on accident or on Jack Ass. It is just not for me at all. It's too easy for me to empathize with the victim, and I worry for their safety.

  2. Wish Wabarashi says:

    how can one man be so bad?

  3. Elisa Jalava says:

    Ohh. I didn't know Arin has ADD.
    …That explains SO MUCH actually…
    …Like why he can't pay attention to certain parts of a game or do what he needs to do? Because of ADD! I have it and it's a real struggle!

  4. Jalen Goode says:

    Does he ever learn stables have cooking places and sell elixers and KASS sometimes?

    I hope so

  5. Jack Hughes says:

    1:24 He was a great batman… uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh……

  6. Quantum Magnus says:

    5:24. I’m Trenton. 😳

  7. Kodinary says:

    Every time he goes to the map and doesn’t go grab Mira’s Spear I rage a tiny bit

  8. John .Murray says:

    Just in my head,… If you were swimming in the sea and lightning hit the sea, you'd be the highest point in that area sooo, wouldn't the lightning just hit you?

  9. Sajirou Plays says:

    The Happening was … horribly acted, apparently by choice. It's how Shamadingdong wanted it, to be like a "B-Movie" or the "best B-movie you've ever seen" so he gave them bad directions on purpose.

  10. Mella Fella Nate says:

    arin: revali's gale is gonna be really useful
    also arin: only uses it when it's least useful

  11. Clay Dragon09 says:

    You have ADD I have ADHD Git 1-upped bioch

  12. Chris Daley says:


  13. Caleb Strieter says:

    I get that i was talking to my friend and i was looking out the window and i repeated saying cool then he said his grand parent died and i said cool not on purpose and i felt so bad.

  14. SnowwyDaCreeper says:

    that breaking point for me was going to my friends birthday party and they just wouldn't and couldn't stop making transphobic and homophobic jokes and fetishizing gay people and I was like wow ok that's a big yikes from me ol' buddy I'm going to Split.

  15. Ravix_Arklyter says:

    Revali's Gail is one of the most useful champion abilities and Arin NEVER uses it! Instead, he tries to climb pillars in the rain. A real Elder Zelder XD

  16. jaden yuki says:

    just a couple of days ago i heard the scooby snack bit on the bloodborne play through

  17. JonTheArtist says:

    Arin flying into death mountain AMD burning to death and he keeps going lol Classic Game Grumps.

  18. Sirake says:

    4:42 When he fucking looked at that star fragment and then completely ignored it

  19. SaltySalamander says:

    Can we just agree that Arin is horrible at video games?

  20. Sean Zags says:

    Arin, among others, is one of the reasons I was so comfortable discussing and able to accept my own ADHD. This episode just reminded me of that, and I just wanted to say how much it means to hear people talk like that, and how it does matter to people

  21. Baller4Now says:

    Literally no one:

  22. Baller4Now says:

    Literally no one:

  23. IShipItLikeFedEx2 says:

    13:28 that moment when you notice the goat running quickly anf barely sinking below the surface of the water where they drowned just a bit ago

  24. Maxime Van den Eynde says:

    ADD, an obsession for dinosaurs, not much going on in their teenage years. These guys sound just like me!

  25. thog says:

    dan please never ever EVER put my brain in the scenario of being stranded in the middle of the ocean ever again it makes my heart race just to think about it (thalassophobia) and what's worse is you threw electricity into that mix smh i love u but please

  26. Corwyn says:

    Speaking of scooby snacks graham crackers. My friends younger brother when he was like 10, thought a jar on my kitchen counter was full of those, and was all Oh cool scooby snacks. ANd literally grabbed a handful and shoved them into his mouth. They were dog treats. My friend and I laughed our asses off.

  27. reflectionist says:

    I can't give Christian Bale much shit, though… If he were really such an asshole, why is he so bad at screaming at people?

  28. Sa Tan says:

    daniel was thinking of the motley crue song kickstart my heart which is great and i will cry if you dont love it

  29. cecibaker520 says:

    So I discovered that within 20 feet, the electricity will kill you. Within between 20 and 300 feet, the sound wave will kill you and if the sound wave doesn't do it then you will be boiled to death….. moral of the story is stay away from water at all costs in a lightning storm.

  30. Cracked Emerald says:

    2:02 Link doesn't look too good

  31. Kamy. B says:

    The thing is that a lightning strikes so fast that sometimes is not enough to kill you but enough to badly damage you, most of the times that people have been stroked by lightning they survive, with permanent damage but alive. Once I saw in the news that a lightning stroked on a stadium of 40 meters if i remember well, all people where affected by it but nobody died. In case of water the danger area is bigger cause water has way more conductivity than earth. So yeah, you have to be pretty far if you don't wanna get affected by it.

  32. Bails Bails says:

    Cam we just take a moment to respect links face at 2:16

  33. Caleb Lee says:

    Christian bale didn’t do American sniper that was Bradley Cooper.

  34. Kristen says:

    I love & resonate w this episode SO much! I've recently put my foot down & cut off a love relationship in my life where I was put down & finally realizing 'you shouldn't be in my life' The second I realized it, I felt like a million pounds were lifted off my shoulders. My life has already immediately improved & thank you guys for making me feel happy, good, & secure in myself cuz everyone deserves the best <3

  35. Patches O'Houlihan says:

    Wasn't paying attention to her, wasn't paying attention to the stamina meter.

  36. Jessica Messica says:

    At 4:15 I had a minute like “Oh crap I wasn’t paying attention.”

  37. kootify says:

    How come he calls it "High-rule" but Link is a "Hill-ian", and not a "High-lian"?

  38. Athena Estrada says:


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