BREAKING: Theresa May on Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal

Theresa May says she feels a sense of deja vu in the House of Commons today.

The former Prime Minister stood up in Parliament to tell of her belief in delivering Brexit. She said she wanted to rebel against those who don’t want to deliver Brexit. She went on to comment on the Labour Party front bench saying “now is their chance to show whether they really care about the people”.

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  1. WOKEN'T says:

    Incompetent old fool …

  2. Bilal Tuğrul Uğurlu says:

    Interesting to see Miss Theresa in the back rows 😜

  3. coshigould says:

    Do not fear of WTO deal. It saves UK £39 billion and British waters for fisherman. We are trading many countries under WTO such as USA. We can in future make a free trade agreement with EU.

  4. 124 Spider says:

    Stupid useless COW

  5. x Reach The Stars x says:

    Good ole TM

  6. Neil Mowbray says:

    Excellent speech Teresa May! let’s move on and deliver what the people voted for.

  7. Mike Raby says:

    Good SHITSHOW!!!

  8. sarcasticattimes ! says:

    Brexit must to done. UK demographic will change if it continues to stay in the EU.
    Support brexit….!!!

  9. Dj Doolittle says:

    I have a distinct sense of Arms dealers ? 😷🇮🇪☝️

  10. Jim McKnight says:

    The only way forward now is no deal, like it or not. A deal was negotiated and has been revised and will still be rejected.

    Time for a no deal Brexit, then renegotiate on WTO rules.

  11. Paul Smith says:

    Brexit means Brexit 🇬🇧👍

    Let's get the job done and leave the EU dictatorship 👍

  12. X Clips says:

    is it good or bad?

  13. O says:

    Brexiteers can off

  14. Steven Rumfitt says:

    Respect for the lady well said good sense let’s move on please 🙏

  15. Pinhead Luke says:

    Never thought I'd say this but it was nice to hear her speak after all.

  16. bichon frise says:

    Brexit is a con

  17. scott lewis says:

    Smash commies

  18. Ace Ace says:

    how to kill time? Just follow Brexit.

  19. mark jacques says:

    It's just let's try and get through this and protect our chances in the next election as a political party.

  20. Samboy666 says:

    She should piss. Off

  21. rainy luv says:


  22. deomonseeder B23 # LIONS R LOOSE!!! says:

    When less than 500 ppl dictate the lives of millions and they can't except the result " this shows lack of respect for the voter's!!! 31st Oct ⏰⌛ # 5TH NOV 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  23. belfasta says:

    obviously democracy doesnt work lets bring communism in

  24. Bill Kerman says:

    Expect us, for we are many

  25. Rasha M says:

    Honestly, if I was the EU I would refuse the UK an extension. Enough of this nonsense. The EU has a lot of work to do and Brecht has been too long a distraction. Get out!

  26. doc Kaos says:

    Oh look Treason May's back from the dead

  27. Luis Dantas says:

    She opened so well. Then she blundered it all.

  28. Zombie Fool says:

    May supports it. It has to be garbage.

  29. william andrews says:

    micro profile these people only then we will know

  30. AsAnUlsterman says:

    Of course she wants her baby to be delivered even though its a deformed monster.

  31. xX90sWereTheDaysxX says:

    Theresa May was dismissed in may
    Why she still here? XD

  32. Raul Mureş says:

    A look into the future: June 23. 2036 Breaking News: 20th Anniversary of Brexit referendum… Tim Barrow (75): new request for a three-month delay to Brexit…
    OMG The never-ending story cames true… A Brexit with no exit…. 🤣

  33. Frederique Lanoix says:

    No deal is not possible anyway, the conservative party is a mess and they created this ever lasting tension with the f@@@ING referendum. Meanwhile : NHS needs help, Teachers need help, survivors of domestic violence need help and bankers are getting away with murder. ..Can we sit and talk about that! !! For real I am tired with the conservative party and their posh slavery master arrogant uneducated heirs who are trying hard to act like gansters. Enough is enough! !! No brexit!

  34. Princess Luna says:

    Be quite may the vote was years ago the public was manipulated mostly by ur party! This is clearly a mistake! Vote again now the public has some of the facts regarding the reality of leaving the EU!

  35. John Malone says:

    The ONLY way to sort this out is to have an election so we can have a representative parliament. NOT a referendum with questions RIGGED by remainers to exclude 'No Deal' Brexit.

  36. Arrie Haber says:


  37. Megan Towers says:


  38. Adeel Ahmad says:

    what qualifies theresa may in telling others to care about the people, when did she ever care about the people with her brexit proposal or anything else for that matter, what a hypocrite, someone needs to tell that useless, good for nothing, individual to shut up, the entire parliament is full of numpties, kinda goes to show the type of idiots that go to oxford LOL

  39. ANNA NNAS says:

    Why UK can leave EU, but Scotland cant leave UK! STOP BREXIT

  40. Wilfred Myers says:

    Brexit, Selzit, Buyzit, Mendzit, Drivzit, Keepzit, Owns KITT. 🙂

    Not just Dashboards and Pentions.

    But still cant afford to TAXit.

  41. lindalou8120 says:

    I bet TM is feeling vindicated as the back stabbing Tory BJ gets his comeuppance. Like her or not she did try to do her duty. BJ is just am ambitious, self serving liar x

  42. Bilal sid says:

    May the cocksucker

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