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21 thoughts on “Breaking “May 12, 2020” Planet X Information / Mike From Around The World

  1. Time Is Speeding Up. You Feel It Don't You. Not A Time To Slumber. When These Things Start To Happen , People Are Going To Freek-Out . We Will Be The One's , That Have To Calm The People That Are Just Waking Up. You Need To Calm Your Neighbor. And Let The News Spread From Us. Learn All You Can Because Knowledge Will Be Worth Than Money.

  2. Once again making worse than silly gestures when giving serious messages, it is so very unpleasant, please be more serious otherwise place a picture on the camera so we do not see you

  3. Rucks By The Door;…Everyone able to dress,ruck-up and out the door fully equipped and self-sustainable for 5-7 days in less than 15 minutes…I did it w 2 teenagers…Its not easy but the alternative is far worse👍

  4. The weather here in newfoundland on an average day we get winds 100km per hr. We are an island in the north Atlantic. Laitly, we have been having just cool kinda windy with rain, an overcast. I wonder whats to come for us?

  5. When I was young, my father's house was robbed of two hundred gold pocket watches appraised at one million dollars. His oldest son had sent him the antique watches from around the world while employed by Boeing. No one deserves to have their gifts stolen!
    If you ever visit a foreign country, mail your father an antique gold pocket watch! Especially, if the monetary exchange rates are favorable. Be sure to pick the oldest and most ornate with true value.

  6. What is the direction and areal section of the pulse?
    Please, Ask Mike if the Shift in the Polarity of the Earth's magnetosph ere induces electric currents in the Iron meteo4s?!

  7. We are being bombarded from ALL directions…..no where to run, no where to hide ! We have to rely on our Heavenly Father and His Son our Savior ! Jeremiah 10:23

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