Blonde to Mocha | 2 Easy Steps

Hello, beautiful people! I know I should’ve filmed myself cutting my long hair a couple of months ago, but I totally forgot. So, here is a video of me dying my blonde hair to mocha! This is probably going to be my last time dying my hair because it’s literally dead. I’m pretty excited to show you the process and the end result!

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  1. Markos Yohandry says:

    I haven't been able to find a dictionary that has the right words to describe how beautiful you are 😘, and I think we will discover life on other planets before that happens 😄

  2. Serah Rhea says:


  3. 박서현 says:


  4. Rends YouDontKnowMe says:

    Idk but i feel like the mocha color looks better on your short hair while i prefer it being blonde on your long hair.

  5. Grace Kim says:


  6. Grace Kim says:

    how much did it cost?

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