41 thoughts on “Billie Eilish – listen before i go (Lyrics)

  1. They all say
    "You'll be okay"
    But I'm growing deader
    Every day

    A battle rages inside my head
    My insanity, my depression, my dread
    My mind is dark, I can't lie
    Always hearing voices telling me to die

    I love the taste of blood
    I see it everyday
    Leaking from cuts on my arm
    Yeah, I'm not okay

    Surrounded by people
    Though I feel so alone
    In this big blank world
    With no place to call home

    I wonder how it would feel
    To be dead
    Without the pain
    Inside my head

    It won't go away
    So I shouldn't stay
    I don't wanna see this world
    Another day…

    – Holly Adams

  2. I’m not thinking about suicide or things that dark but I just feel kinda alone. Well I’m lucky enough to have friends, my family is with me but it’s just like I’m empty inside with no particular reason to get up every morning. I just don’t know anything anymore, I don’t know what to do, I should study but I just lay here doing nothing, I don’t know if I’m happy I think I’m lost I have no passion
    Well it’s nothing compared to other people’s problem I can read down here but I just wanted to write it it’s actually my first time participating in the depressing mood of comment sections
    I’m french so I tried my best to put how I feel with English words

  3. My emotions through the song:

    1. 😐 – Normal

    2. 😕 – Feeling Kinda Sad

    3. 🙁 Feeling Sad, Not Knowing If To Cry Or Not…

    4. ☹️ – The Memories Flooding Back..

    5. 😖 – Trying To Hold It In

    6. 🥺 – Eyes Watering

    7. 😓 – Afraid My Parents Will Hear-

    8. 😢 – Tears Slowly Coming Out And-

    9. 😭 -And Now They’re Bursting Out And I’ve Made A Fountain Of Salty Tears.

    10. 😩 – Trying To BrEATHEEEEE

    (Hopefully this doesn’t bring the angry replies! I was just trying to make you feel better. I know we all go through horrible stuff, but keep your chin up! It’s gonna get better 😀 )

  4. Just sittinh their crying thinking no one like u everyone is against u and u pretending ur alright and hide behind a mask the whole time …. with i let my curse go sometime this year i will ong …..

  5. this song gets to me every time! my cousin committed suicide 2 months ago, when my aunt found her lifeless body in her bed room this song was on repeat on her phone 😔 I view this song different now not in a bad way, but it has such a powerful message that I think my cousin daisy reflected on it so much 💔 the part where it says “sorry can’t save me now” “call my friends and tell them that I love them” 😞 gets me every time…. Daisy I miss you so much love! Sorry I couldn’t help you out when you were still here 🦋

  6. As a kid i never understand depression because life was so wonderful. And then I was 11.. my depression started. I'm 14 now and I tried to kill myself twice and I cut. My family don't know it yet. My friends know I'm not completely 100% but I never talk about it. 4 teachers asked me if i was okay because they see that I'm not fine but I just said that I was tired. One teacher asked me last week and I really feel like talking to him because it looked like he really cares and that he's worried, but I just don't know what to tell, because everyone is depressed nowadays and I feel like it isn't such a big of a deal as it used to be in 2014. I don't even know if I have depression so it's better if I don't tell him, but I'm kinda tired of faking how I feel.

  7. Fuck, I'm on my period and extremely emotional. Shouldn't have listened to this, now I feel even more like shit and my head is hurting so fucking much from all the sobbing…

  8. I know this comment will be lost in the midst of the sea of comments, but just wanted to let you know that everything will always get better. No matter how awful things are now, I promise everything will turn out fine. It is inevitable.

  9. call my friends ? what friends lol; If you have supportive friends and family be thankful for that, I havn't left my room in three years, I've been alone without memories after a head injury, suffering from depression, anxiety, memory loss, and epilepsy; If you have breathe in your body you can keep going, no matter what you're going through, if there is somewhere you want to reach, somewhere you want to be, someone you want to be, you reach out and make it happen;

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