Billie Eilish: Bad Guy (Live) – SNL

Musical guest Billie Eilish performs “Bad Guy” on Saturday Night Live.

#SNL #WoodyHarrelson #BillieEilish #SNL45

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  1. TM Phøtøgraphy says:

    She gives me the fucking creeps

  2. Yoshi Toast says:

    You have to give it to her. This was legendary. I've never seen anyone walk on the walls before.

  3. steve gallagher says:

    Bad singing is always more tolerable when sung at low volume.

  4. steve gallagher says:

    Fred Astaire did this special effect back in 1951.

  5. TheRVisions says:


  6. slick67cuda says:

    She needs to fire whoever is suggesting those ghastly apparel choices! Girl… you need some intervention P-R-O-N-T-O!

  7. Lonelydartplayer M says:

    This is edited bullshit! Live, you couldn’t hear the vocals, and they never showed her rhythm section after the first 10 seconds…

  8. Renard Corsair says:

    This. Is. Music?

  9. amanda dingman says:

    This video had me all over the place lmao wtf go off Billie

  10. DEANNADOG1keeshonden says:

    Wanna Spend THOUSANDS on KETAMINE treatments???????
    Ya can just WATCH this Video.

    Me: I can’t wait for the 4th treatment YEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS
    ——>so sneaking the iPad in with me.

  11. Giovanna MR says:

    Uuuáaoo Bili 😘

  12. Mike Lavelle says:

    Gets my vote for 2 thumbs up. I like it a lot. Everybody loves it. Duh. 👊 😆 🤘 Good job, Eilish.

  13. Sara Green says:

    Ayy my birthday 🎁 🍨🧁😆😆🤪🥳🥳🍰🎂

  14. patrick Clark says:


  15. Crow29803 says:

    What? Huh? I can’t hear crap! Maybe I’m to old. Sigh. I heard Woody fine so… I know my hearing is fine so if this is music… turns on Lady Gaga.

  16. Lynn Butner says:

    Rock was meant to last forever, but I believe we are seeing it’s demise.

  17. MissMinLyn says:

    The fact that she came up with this concept inspired by Fred Astaire and then planned each and every rotation and step to her liking. She is so creative and talented.

  18. dragon ball talk says:

    So she can't sing just whisper and talk

  19. Donald Trump says:


  20. Meghan Harless says:

    No one:
    The spider on my ceiling at 3AM making a web: 1:04

  21. Dave Kopp says:

    Okay… People can't give Ashlee Simpson shit for lip syncing anymore after this… because Billie literally Whispers over a recorded track of her voice.

  22. Lucas Nesmith says:

    Best song love it 20 out of 10

  23. evov monbly says:

    someone watched the fly with jeff goldblum.

  24. Nicholas Aliberti says:

    So I guess this is where we are now. People are paying to see someone whisper on an entire album. Whitney Houston is rolling in her grave.

  25. Nick Lavorata says:

    Is she wearing magnetic shoes?

  26. TuxedoBillMask says:

    So this is music now, huh? Well I gotta say it looks reeeeeal fuckin' stupid

  27. Elite DF says:

    Without all the voice effects to bring out her voice, 14 year old girls can't seem to remember her

  28. MarioBella0815 says:

    Does anyone hear what she was singing?Sound like she can’t breath….lolzzzz can’t taste her music.Even my kids said Mom….what happened to her?Lolzzz

  29. Ryan Belair says:

    God Billie Eilish sucks so fucking much.

  30. Joe B says:

    She's a moron lol

  31. Mark Schurer says:

    Without the rotating room – can we honestly say this was really all that better than Lana Del Reys disappointing performance on SNL? Slightly better but still shows how over produced her vocals are. I love both these girls but come on. That second performance was much better.

  32. no bye says:

    Comment Section: OMG HOW'D THEY DO THAT!?!
    Jojo Fans in the comment: Is that a Jojo reference?

  33. Zach Johnston says:


  34. Sean Robertson says:

    wow neat song very passionate and moves me to leave.

  35. Tredeci Septimo says:

    I don't get it

  36. D1agram says:

    Wtf is this shit?

  37. Casey Black says:

    Fuck all these hate comments. I adore this bitch. She does her own thing

  38. crazy cocopuff says:


  39. protractor says:

    she looks like oscar the grouch and like she belongs in a trash can as well. Cultural ROT.

  40. Zac Oros says:

    I would marry you like yesterday

  41. Awesome Person says:

    The only word I understood was “bad guy”.

  42. I Ate Your Cookie Boo says:

    This is talent? Me thinks not!

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