Bill O’Reilly Discusses What May Happen if Bolton Testifies

Bill O’Reilly joins John Bachman to discuss what might happen if John Bolton testifies to the house.  They also discuss Rudy Giuliani, Jeff Sessions Senate run and CBS’s crackdown on the Epstein whistleblower.

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  1. Dan Mendez says:

    If he chooses to… saying the truth is that a choice?

  2. Teacher Rachel says:

    President Trump would have broken the law if the firing was for a corrupt purpose. Was it?

  3. Mark 975 says:

    Are we still talking about the perfect phone call? Don't we have anything else to talk about?

  4. KRES 1 says:

    What does it matter if bolt testifies or not, we have the transcript and that's all we need. -we don't need more bias narrative or what if's. We are tired of this charade and nonsense. Jesus Christ.

  5. Random Rationality says:

    I think there is a difference between what the ABC leaked tape showed and what the leaked tape of O’Reilly showed. Are you going to compare just embarrassing O’Reilly “f- it we”ll do it live” VS potentially three years of sexual abuse of minors by Epstein?

  6. Henry Pancake says:

    Get in jail, you rapist…..

  7. Angelo Senna says:

    The most corrupt administration in US history. Vote them out.

  8. James Ramsier says:

    Every day Fox embarrasses itself with their obsequious behavior towards Trump. Their viewers refuse to recognize Trumps continuous actions such as obstruction of justice and congress, abuse of power, perjury, all with impunity, until now, hopefully.

  9. Jesse H says:

    I so hope Bolton testifies. Give a person enough rope.

  10. egads2 says:

    We support DJT but he shouldn't be a "recruiter."

  11. jodeluna62 says:

    Remember DemocRats Are Toast!

  12. Moto Gizmo says:

    The only job the press has today to stay afloat is to stir the pot , not facts, but innuendos !

  13. Al DAmico says:

    Per Microsoft news agency, Kent describes Giuliani’s active involvement in Ukraine relations, noting that Giuliani was "unmissable" starting in March of 2019.

    He laid out that Giuliani was extensively involved in pushing a narrative surrounding Ukraine and Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company where former vice president Joe Biden's son sat on the board, as well as the recalling of Yovanovitch from her position. She testified in October to lawmakers that she felt threatened by Trump. 

    Yovanovitch was damaged by a narrative pushed by former Ukrainian general prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko, who Kent testified wanted “revenge” for Yovanovitch's anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine. That narrative was buoyed by Giuliani's media presence. 

    “Mr. Giuliani, at that point, had been carrying on a campaign for several months full of lies and incorrect information about Ambassador Yovanovitch, so this was a continuation of his campaign of lies,” Kent testified

  14. Roseanna Bogley says:

    John Kerry did it without impunity.

  15. Foxxy Moxxy says:

    Miss you Bill on Fox you brought a lot of bad people to their knees. Please get on a cable station News. America needs your Honesty. Vote REPUBLICAN.

  16. Ned Delley says:

    Ok Boomer

  17. Mike Holly says:

    For the corruption that the Democrats do looking at these little things from Giuliani a joke

  18. James Poteat says:

    Eric Ciaramella

  19. R Jones says:

    Please stop repeating the same thing at the end of every video. It's very annoying. You're not going to outcompete Fox News by annoying viewers.

  20. Rick Sibley says:

    Bolton will not do anything to hurt the country or the president. He is too much of a professional to let petty differences interfere with the running of the country. He is too much of a patriot to hurt the country.

  21. Evelyn Goh says:

    what do you expect from sacked diplomat? exxageration and bad mouthing

  22. Kamala2111 says:

    We have a transcript who cares what Bolton’s opinion is.

  23. Don Ald says:

    Bill thanks for some honest reporting

  24. Norwood Partz says:

    The interviewer is a loopy lightweight.

  25. rudai123 says:

    Bolton will roast the President.

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