You all know we’re in LOVE with Cruise ships, but we’ve been dying to stay at an all-inclusive hotel and see how it compares! Spoiler: It did not disappoint 😄🍹💦👙Huge thanks to Iberostar for putting us up in their amazing Cancun hotel 😍

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43 thoughts on “Better Than a Cruise Ship?! – Our First ALL INCLUSIVE HOTEL in Cancun, Mexico! (Iberostar Prestige)

  1. Would you prefer the cruise life or to stay dry in a hotel like this one?? BTW we’re about to do another live Q & A for our Patrons! To participate, become a member here and get all sorts of other perks 👉 https://www.patreon.com/TheEndlessAdventure

  2. The only nasty thing about these Mexican resorts is how people almost force you to leave a tip. Sometimes I felt uncomfortable and and pushed to leave tips.

  3. These two are the perfect example of the people who annoy other guests with there constant selfies and video taking. Also know nothing about a good resort, try the hotel Xcaret in Cancun blows this out of the water! Better dinning and 8 different theme parks. Please stop talking your not that important

  4. Our preference is the all-inclusive because we typically go to the Iberostars. We've never stayed at this particular one, so I really enjoyed watching! We might give it a try. I would suggest you try the Tucan/Quetzal though, it's more rustic, and less air conditioned (just the a la carte restaurants and of course, the rooms have A/C.) It is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. You will need a few days to really see most of the spots there, but it's really worthwhile.

  5. Enjoyed this video but would have loved if you two talked about the cost to stay at a resort like this, and for how many days, and compare the cost to a cruise trip etc.

  6. When in Cancun check out Isla Mujeres, you can swim with Whale Sharks, get the best Margaritas at The Soggy Peso and do the HAUNTED SCUBA DIVE. Here's my experience https://youtu.be/U8u2ny7DAeU?t=282

  7. Wow the Prestige side is beautiful! We stayed in the family part of the hotel last December, and it was no where near as nice. Terrible check in process. Then there was a water leak so they had to move tons of guests out to the villas. The food was pretty good, but the hard sell for time shares was annoying. Also the swim up bar was under construction, so there was construction noise and mess. We were not notified of this at all, and of course the swim up bar and infinity pool was one of the main reasons we chose this hotel. Won't stay there again. The beach was AMAZING! The water is so blue, and always a breeze. Best part of the trip. We are going to stay at the Hotel Xcaret on our next vacation.

  8. Oh yeah it's better than a cruise and cheaper and if you're staying in a place that has a cruise ship port your best bet is to stay out of the shops the days the cruise ships are in prices go up like in Cozumel the days the cruise ships make port they price gouge the Tourist and Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the same way I've stayed in really nice four and five star resorts for an entire week with all of my meals my airfare from St Louis transportation to and from the airport to the resort all of my beverages including alcohol all of my snack food everything included also non-motorized water sports like renting catamarans and pedalboards all included I've done this for as little as 499 per person and I've spent as much as $900 person for 9 days which still isn't bad I never stayed in Cancun I heard it was pretty touristy I prefer Cozumel or Playa de Carmen and Puerto Vallarta and got two of those three Puerto Vallarta is probably my favorite

  9. I hate it when PRICE is not mentioned in these type videos, especially when comparing it to another form of travelling (i.e. – cruising). How would I be able to compare the two without knowing the pricing?

  10. All the staff look happy which is nice. I’d struggle with a cruise because from what I’ve seen the staff are nearly always overworked and under paid. I’d enjoy both all inclusive and independent travel, depends on my mood. Beautiful looking resort, thanks for sharing.


  12. So all inclusive means you have access to a certain type of service or does it mean it's included in the cost of the hotel therefore free drinks and meals/access?

  13. Awesome transitions on your videos! First time watcher here! What kind of camera set up do you have? Please! 🙏🏻 I must know lol I subscribed 👌🏻

  14. Love both options. I would opt to stay at an all inclusive on trips that I absolutely do not want to lift a finger. I have found that the all inclusive's in México, cancun riviera maya area specifically are out of this world when it comes to service. Check out grand velas riviera Maya, and finest playa mujeres. I was blown away with these two properties. Both have rooms with their own pools that you can choose from, and even the standard rooms are pretty good. The people in Mexico are amazing, can't be anymore hospitable.

  15. Um.. just so you know, salt pools have just as much chlorine as required by law in a public pool. The only difference is salt is seperated by electrolisis creating free chlorine. And a regular pool uses tablets. In a salt pool the chlorines and sodiums, recombine later in the pool to be again seperated thru the cell again. Who ever told you no chlorine in a salt pool is a liar Or very misinformed about pool chemistry.

  16. I think it would depend on what you're looking for…We've only been to a small all Inclusive resort. Haven't tried a cruise yet, but since we don't like crowds we're concerned we wouldn't like a cruise. If we do ever try a cruise, we'd more than likely look at one of the smaller ships.

  17. The 11th minute of this show saw brought to you by the number SEVEN:
    one, two, three, four, five, six, seven – iguanas.

  18. Our Family stayed at that hotel last year for our family vacation and it was awesome we were very satisfied. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Love ur video

  19. Haven't watched the video yet but that was one of the hotel's with the tainted alcohol a couple years back. It was like 2 or 3 of the iberostar properties

  20. Cruise for sure! You are missing quality entertainment, disconnection from real life, etc. Maybe choose a cruise where everything isnt extra. I think this looks fun, maybe a great place if you want to work. However, ilk take a cruise anyday over this.

  21. do you guys have a week to where you bought the all-inclusive package for that resort? I would like to know how much it is to stay there because I am taking my girl there next June and I've been there a couple times but I would like to try different Resort. So if you wouldn't mind sharing the info I'd appreciate it.

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