Best Wireless Mic Under $200? Rode Wireless GO Review

Is the Rode Wireless GO the best budget wireless microphone for video work and Youtube? Lets find out!
Rode Wireless GO:
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Rode Wireless GO

Sennheiser XSW-D Wireless System

Rode VideoMicro

Rode Boom Pole

Deity D3 Pro

Rycote Microphone Mount

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Aputure 120D on Amazon:
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  1. Angelo Cartier says:

    Can you sync multiple GO transmitters to one receiver with this setup?

  2. Nicholas Charles says:

    bryce walker went bald

  3. Ct Delgado says:

    He says under 200. Affiliate link shows much more??

  4. Ronald Chambers says:

    "Dead cat feet" :DDDDD

  5. FIT Tovarna says:

    Hey…many thanks for the video and info…do you know if it would be usable for an iphone or even iMac for live social media video or webinars ?

  6. Joey D says:

    Is it just me or does Rycote mic clip and shock mount seem overpriced?

  7. Bill Uransel says:

    Apparently these this dudes microphones are so bad that it blocks him from hearing and subsequently answer any questions…review dismissed.

  8. Ramzy Shrayyef رمزي شريِّف says:

    Would you talk about (PicoMic Dual Channel Wireless 2.4GHz Microphone System)?

  9. MARY J BLACK says:

    Can I please use this rode wireless go on my Samsung s10 plus for prank?

  10. The Tokyo Craftsman says:

    Of course I ordered the Sony ECM-AW4 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone System in December of 2018…..
    The USB charging is not the greatest, I guess you could put a portable battery pack with the unit if the battery runs out, but the part I'd love to have is the screen with the audio levels.
    I always seem to buy the thing I think I need like a few months before the thing I really want is released LOL The Sony is good and the use of the AAA batteries is good, IMHO, as I have a bunch of them and the are rechargeable easy to swap out and on location if I did run out of rechargeable AAAs I can buy the AAA batteries almost anywhere.
    That being said, this new Rode unit looks great, and LED display screen is great.
    Thanks for the review, on my wish list.
    Cheers from Tokyo

  11. Paola Ghislieri says:

    Hey guys, I’m thinking of getting this for my A7riii do I need to get an audio recorder or can I plug the receiver straight into the camera? Thanks!

  12. Moshe Yonatan says:

    hi. at the moment the sennheiser with the lavalier mic, and the rode without – are standing for almost the same price (200 – 190 euro). in that case, which one would you (=I) take? please, thanks 🙂

  13. Speed of Light says:

    $1 Mic Turned into a Wireless One 🙂 –>

  14. Bart Migal says:

    The tiny dynamic range of the transmitter's built-in mic makes it useless. When clipped onto a shirt, or placed anywhere close to the face of who you're recording, it will distort when the person raises their voice or laughs loudly. It distorts at the capsule, regardless of the gain setting on the receiver. And forget about using it on a singer. You'll get nothing but distortion.

  15. Rising Rishi says:

    Plzz give me flipcart link sir

  16. Chris Lee says:

    Glad to see you're back Caleb 🙂

  17. Nicy'S Vocals says:

    please advise me best microphone recording purpose

  18. Babin Lim says:

    I am the first videographer in our area who owned this. They ask me for a review and now many of us owned a wireless go. I used this almost everyday in my videos. I also used this with g4 and its like Im using thesame mics.

  19. Sharp as L says:

    Hi Caleb. Great video! I don't think people realize how much work and effort goes into a video like this – so thanks. Anyways, I have used the Azden smx-30, which is a battery powered shotgun mic, plugged into the Wireless Go. I got crazy RF interference noises when the transmitter was anywhere near the mic. Using a cable extension with several loops helps a lot…but your Deity setup at 8:00 appears to have much less RF issues in a very clean/compact setup. So I would say that the RF issues may have more to do with the internal electronics of the mic being used.

  20. Vimpulse Productions says:

    Hey, I have two questions!
    If I buy three of them will there be interference? And could I connect them to an H6 Zoom for recording?

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