Best TikTok Dance Compilation of October 2019

Welcome to the best TikTok dance compilations of October 2019!

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Best TikTok Dance Compilation of October 2019 – Part 2: h
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  1. Renee Reeves says:

    2:59 is the best part of the whole video

  2. smashinghappydays says:

    ok that soulja one was fucking hilarious

  3. My_Name_Is_Ash says:

    1:13 that song swears and there's a kid right there

  4. Phyllis Williams says:

    The first one the girls are hot

  5. Lawrence Churnside says:

    Some of these songs that the people are doing is worng??

  6. Jiji Love says:

    the girl on the left at 1:04 looks very familiar 👀

  7. BeastlyNinjaGirl says:

    2st last one

  8. Xpsycho.unicornX says:

    2:24 Sound? (On TikTok)

  9. ege says:


  10. Crh MrMemes says:

    Bruh why are they all girls tho

  11. YoU_NeEd_SoMe_MiLk says:

    2:55 me and my friend at 3 am.

  12. Marizela Cruz says:


  13. Blind Digi says:

    Think I contracted Down syndrome from the first clip.

  14. Caramel Cookie says:

    1:06 yw

  15. Fortnite Gamex36 says:

    Why just girls I mean I’m not complaining but aren’t the guys good at dancing too?

  16. klevis nela says:

    How in the fuck did that person do the last part with the phone and the naruto fight

  17. Avery chan says:

    4:15 thot thot thot D:

  18. MammaGuurl says:


  19. Nae Muah says:

    4:40 is a mood 😂

  20. dionysus kat says:

    white girls be showing their asses

  21. dionysus kat says:

    tf was 2:19 ??

  22. Samuel Hammond says:


  23. Demel says:

    That Naruto and Sasuke one at the end was actually dope

  24. Mantismax 06 says:

    Why is no one talking about 2:58

  25. Bella Daily says:

    2:40 ew

  26. Charlie Kelly says:


  27. Precious Editz says:

    4:55 though

  28. Wookie Warrior says:

    1:15 🙁 they are corrupting the 9 year olds noo…..

  29. Ceana Wood says:

    Why is this just a bunch of girls dancing and showing way too much skin, I do classical ballet.

  30. Wookie Warrior says:

    Came here to torture myself, thankfully there were like 3 that were actually cool

  31. Monet Epps says:

    i love the viedoe with the ice skating

  32. Filhas De Iemanjá says:

    Caraca véi no minuto 3:02 o cara jogou a menina longe cara KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK socorro

  33. tonya estep says:

    The second one reminds me of my dog Sammy

  34. iTzChantelle says:

    I think I am the only one but i like the first one❤

  35. Goated Gamer says:

    The girl at 4:19 tho

  36. alix says:


  37. William Dunham says:

    those girls need bigger curves

  38. Avery Tabriz says:

    Can I got on ur compilations my tik tok user is averytab123 my background is Arianna grande

  39. kris Qek says:

    TiK tok idiots fuck this

  40. Double A’s says:

    4:38 why did she do a coke sniff when she said the n word

  41. Jonathan Cosby says:

    what's :19 song,

  42. Kaniya's pyt. gang says:

    The ride it one was really cool

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