These are all Cintiq alternatives because I’ve not used the Wacom Cintiqs.

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15 thoughts on “Best Pen Displays of 2019 (the Wacom alternatives)

  1. Not sure if Huion Kamvas Pro 13 or XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro?? On paper both the tablet have more or less similar features. Huion with last update no more wobbly lines. But need a Expert advice. TY. I see Amazon.com (US) have different models and price of this? whats the last model or all are the same???. ( https://amzn.to/2K42kUF , https://amzn.to/2Q1LbP8 , https://amzn.to/32uks0e , https://amzn.to/34EFtXB ) for the XP-Pen all are the same model. THX

  2. I have been absolutely BINGE WATCHING your channel morning, noon, and night!! Thanks for the amazing vids! Keep it up Teoh! <3 from Florida.

  3. Hi Teoh !! I am an Expat , living in Singapore . I have gone thru many of your videos. Earlier i wasn't aware of this shop The Straits Art and went to else where shops (lack of Not knowing 🤦‍♀️abt many Art shops in SG,) . Today , finally i could locate this shop . Bought few things. And also told them , i watch youtube and specially mentioned YOUR NAME and channel , also told them, " Teoh had recommended this shop in his videos , from their i came to know." Shop owners r nice. Though it was difficult to control my OCD about painting and supplies . They have good variety of products . Thanks a lot for this .🙏😊

  4. I just discovered your channel with the Ipad reviews and it's amazing and accurate. I'm subscribing ! You're doing a super great work sir !

  5. I just recently purchased the Huion Kamvas 22 pro and am never going back to wacom- nor can I recommend them anymore.

  6. Hi loving person .
    There one question of my .
    Is there any possibility to copy any image by wacom paper editor in window 7 by using an app animator and flipclip .

  7. i have recommendation can u pls check toonboom when u review. it has free trial. xp pen and huion has problem with pressure senstivity with toonboom. pls just one time pls check xp pen and huion with toonboom. i have to buy new tablet soon thanks teoh

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