Best Painting Airpods Compilation On TikTok 2019

Best Painting Airpods Compilation On TikTok 2019
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  1. Itz Stellara says:

    0:27 ok she/he is sensible.

  2. Cloudy_sun says:

    ~Turns on jealousy cause your broke mode~ Perfect

  3. BrownShit says:

    I don’t get why you would spend over $200 on headphones and paint the actual case with nail polish or whatever when you can get a case and paint on that

  4. La Loqui says:

    1:00 song?

  5. SW33T T00TH says:

    I have the same fake airpods they had at the end!

  6. jiminesjams says:


    That’s what I would do lol

  7. crylnqclouds says:

    If I would try to paint on my AirPods I’d just ruin all the money spent on them

  8. Jaiyden J says:

    I swear y'all are so stupid. 3:16 those are generation 1 airpods not everyone's rich enough to buy generation 2 okay

  9. Pinkity Drinkity says:

    that’s fake airpods case looks more real than real airpods cases not gonna lie

    EDIT: The fake airpods case looks more real then my future

  10. The Everything says:

    Video: * goes on *
    Shaking: * Intensifies *

  11. ilikepancakes says:

    0:15 what is the song here

  12. PinkyShayArtz 44 says:


  13. Fay Webb says:


  14. A J says:

    A 0:16 what is that song called?

  15. Tierra Corley says:

    I love posca pens

  16. Minecraft Child says:

    Me: * Watches This Video *
    My Mom: OH HELL NAWW

  17. Numm says:

    Nice vid!

  18. Miley Loudenber says:

    3:15 Wtf (O_o)??

  19. Eden Floyd says:


  20. myah dunn says:

    Sorry I am late I am in Texas wooohooooo what are u doing for thanks giving

  21. PineappleMayhem says:

    1 view 270 likes 11 comments

  22. Michelle Lonskiy says:

    I think youtube is broken..

    1 view 241 likes

  23. Beautiful Makeup says:

    3:17 are fake air pods

  24. Hannah. marie___ says:

    The one dislike is from the one Samsung user that watches this😂😂

  25. EVA SHANLEY says:

    3:14 what are those

  26. Gabby Mckever says:

    Early kindaaaa

  27. WyJ says:

    My cousin with AirPods, “oh, what did you say? I can’t hear you over my richness.” Like CMON

  28. yuki :c says:

    Early bois

  29. Olivia's Reviews says:

    They are soooo coolllllll

  30. Olivia's Reviews says:

    I luv uuuuuu so muchhhhhhhhhh

  31. infires says:

    omg are the owner of this yt acc is indonesian?

  32. infires says:


  33. Kristynka Vávrova says:

    Me looking at how many views: 0 views me: ರ╭╮ರ

  34. Eva Zampich says:

    No views and 107 likes …… Now that …. That is science

  35. lps chinchila says:

    I am early (first time ever)

  36. nithya inapanuri says:

    Hi friend 👁👃🏼👁

  37. I LoveChristmas says:

    Hey!! I'm actually early this time!! Thank you so much for this video, my friend! 💗💗💗💗💗💗 I love you, my friend. It's always nice to hear from you. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    Edit: I feel so sad and helpless. This video helps me calm down.

  38. Sara Menéndez says:

    I have airpods but I only need one thing creativity to decorate them 😂😂😂, I loved the video👍❤💞

  39. soft strawberry mochi says:

    *watches in broke*

  40. Elijah games and Toys says:


  41. Wyndham Bowlin says:

    this is what i'm doing instead of eating my mcdonalds that how you know i love tic toks

  42. Nerd Animations says:

    early ish (yay!)

  43. Katie Milos says:

    3:30 those are fake

  44. Казакова Мария says:


  45. DogeUnicornBoi Doggo says:

    What was the song at 2:30 ?

  46. Clarissa Sanchez says:

    Oh I’m early

  47. Ava Caminton says:


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