Best Brent Rivera Funny TikTok Memes 2019 – TikTok Town

Hope you enjoyed this new funny Brent Rivera TikTok memes and videos 2019. Try not to laugh this funny Brent Rivera New TikTok Compilation 2019. Tiktok Town..

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  1. David Fuller says:

    Lexi after brent before

  2. Farshad Faraed says:

    Brent do you have a crush on Ava?

  3. Eva Gómez says:

    Tell Lexi I watch bts to

  4. Liz Pedro says:

    1:26 look at Brents shoes, I have 10000000000000 IQ

  5. leyda rivera says:

    Hahaha 😂😂

  6. Devany Orr says:


  7. Devany Orr says:

    BRENT your videos are super funny and awsome

  8. Sarah Riley:3 says:

    FORTNITE IS TRASH!!!!!!!!!

  9. Cash Shapiro says:


  10. Cash Shapiro says:

    Milk seiriously li

  11. *Mythix Little Demon* says:

    6:10 Oh my god I love ᗷTᔕ!!!!!

  12. Vianny Lopez says:

    I think he said oh shoot

  13. Enedina Robles says:

    I'm. Happy. With. My. Ex. He. Talking. We. Are. Not. Mad. He. Has. Girlfriend. He. Forgot. He. We. Are. Boyfriend. And. Girlfriend

  14. Gacha Kim says:

    I ship Breva

  15. Maranda Schrader says:

    Lexi your cute

  16. Jelly Slogoman says:

    That is from Instagram

  17. Blue Berry says:

    I literally hate señorita

  18. Saba Khan says:

    who noticed lexi behind the window

  19. Rajnikant Desai says:

    4:50 oh that’s a perfect disguise

  20. Zeinab osman says:

    The bad guy remix was funny 😂 brent was like Door 🚪

  21. iza nasingao says:

    i laughed in the part when she made her hair in fire and when tricker treat gets serious

  22. Jackson R says:

    I ship brent and eva

  23. Kennedy Markulics says:

    brent go

  24. suzanne clemmons says:


  25. winston forshaw says:

    Who else notices at 0:04 Brent wears a dress how does he fit no offence to Brent lol

  26. Sofia Torres says:


  27. Pickle me Dilly says:

    But this is instagram tho..

  28. Karen Gibney says:


  29. Karenina Rumate says:

    7:15 Love this one

  30. Roni Palapar says:

    0:17 was sooo me

  31. Kaylee Sanchez says:

    Can I please have a shoutout

  32. Riya Isbister says:

    I love 1:34

  33. Aashi Parikh says:

    did anyone notice lexi on the other side of the window when ben was wiping the video

  34. Ameera Rivera says:

    I like the water one and the before and after

  35. Addyson Burns says:

    I just watched the first one and realized that's going to be me in highschool because I'm 11 years old and already over 5 feet

  36. Dumb Kids says:

    5:02–5:07 omg I love that song

  37. marva stvil says:

    I think they are

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