Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Eric Mangini talk about the New England Patriots and if head coach Bill Belichick is proving he can win when quarterback Tom Brady retires. The crew also discusses if the Pats will be exposed in the next six weeks when facing the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. Patriots are 8-0 so far this season.

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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

Belichick may retire when Brady does, talks next 6 games — Eric Mangini | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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30 thoughts on “Belichick may retire when Brady does, talks next 6 games — Eric Mangini | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  1. Cant win without Brady serious Brady is trash like every player traded from Patriots without the coaching system this guy gonna have more rings then Phil Jackson

  2. I love this giving Brady breaks, but I must say, I come from Green Bay, they are pulling receivers out of the practice squad, yet Rodgers is putting up monster figures, not sure why this is an excuse for Brady not doing it.

  3. I think Belichick will retire when Brady does. Belichick and Brady have done it all and when a man gets into his late 60's as a championship winning NFL coach, well, it's time to Exit Stage Right.

  4. 31 teams around the NFL are hoping bill is a one off lol. If his sons learn and become similar to bill. NFL is in trouble for more patriots years. sometimes it ain't what you know,but who teaches,what u know. He can learn 24/7. He's probably learnt more since he was born than most coaches know at 50yo lol.

  5. Talking heads on these show's have been throwing Brady under the bus for 5 years . What….Brady been to 3 SB IN 5 YEARS AND WON 2. Brady has not had to be great this year. When the time come's the G.O.A.T. will rise to to the moment as alway's.

  6. Last i checked wilson has had a different oline every season most of his career, and besides Lockett and Baldwin different WRs most of his career. He seems to be doing fine.

  7. Bill is gonna coach until he can't anymore, its his passion people don't just stop doing what they love because other people think they should quit. Thats a losers mentality.

  8. Belichick won't retire he wants to pass Shula for most wins first. Doesn't like how hard Shula wanted him to lose during 2007. We all remember Shula in the booth on Monday night football against the ravens.

  9. I think they both would like to prove they don't need each other. I think if Brady was on any other team he would have only appeared in one or two super bowls like most great qb's and we wouldn't know him as the goat. Same if Belichick had a more average QB, he can make the team good enough to make a few super bowl appearances. It's like the Stars aligned to make the Patriots a power house all these years. To that end, Brady is probably planning a retirement sometime soon, Belichick will continue a few years after where they'll probably make the playoffs consistently but not the super bowl.

  10. In that Division Pats have an 8 game advantage every year , Call it like i see it ! Put the Bengals in That Div they win 3 superbowls

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